Three Ratfish of the Emperor Will you rent an Arowana Fish?



Three Ratfish of the Emperor Will you rent an Arowana Fish?

Just a topic for discussion ...mod to delete if inappropriate.
For those with budget constraint or organisation that wants to "temporary" display Arowana in their temporary office ,shownflat or event hall..or even somebody wanting to try comm tank keeping.
Will it be viable to have this so called "aro rental service".?
The reason of course is due to overstock of these fishes that some people like me would take this opportunity to "offload" or temporary offload them. But I guess it has to be a win-win situation that this will work.
But of course there are some risk to consider .
Example :-
Fish value : $250 each( or any amount that is suitable ).
Rental at $65 X 4 month. (Spread over certain month )
Condition :-
1) owner needs suitable tank with filtration/cover compatible to size of Aro.
2) no liability to death or sickness ,injury of fishes ( to produce carcass if dead)
3) in event rental fully paid up, owner can choose to keep the fishes with original cert given to them.
4) else if owner decide to cease rental early, they just return them.
5) we decide who to rent or not. ( wont rent to a merc driving owner la)
Happen to chanced upon some fishes that was bought and taken care by individuals turns out to be a real sumo beauty ...that sometime it will never happen under our care due to too many pieces to take care.
Again, this can also promote more into fish keeping as it will encourage more people into this hobby.
Or even can consider other fishes to comm as well and rental of whole package including tank .
The above just some wild thought after I realise a "neighbour" literally gave up his balance aro keeping without even properly feed them and change its water. So sad to see them (the aros) being deprived from proper care and food.
So thinking if I could offload some of mine instead , they might be happier elsewhere.
Mod - please delete if this is not a suitable topic here .
Hi Simon,
This seems like a "Try out" instalment plan~
Not a bad concept for ppl with many aros!
Definitely feasible if let say a LFS/farm decide to set up a website with ppl managing its own aros.
This really can induce buying with proper marketing to the masses for both fishes and equipments!
Guess you can sell your idea to QH! Maybe they can help manage the aros for others too!
But for forum to setup something like this, this gonna add burden to the moderators as they already need to oversee marketplace.
Just buy/sell already got so much issues, its hard to foresee how much problems will arise since this concept is a bit on the "grey area".
Really need to come out proper rules, black and white, or else there will definitely be problems.
Definitely good concept but only applicable to LFS or Farms since they are existing business entities.
Just liaising between buyer and renter themselves on a forum can easily cause conflict.
Just my opinion tho.
>Hahaha I would definitely love a service like this. Some people keep many aros no time for other things. I really support this concept but still have to think of the setbacks lor like what bro Hyde say if in forums like this the mods job is never ending Liao. I hope in future there is such a service ^.^ just my opinion!!!
>This is not a new concept. About 35 years ago, as a secondary school student, I worked part time at Green sea aquarium to earn some pocket money. The boss offered rental services of aquarium with live stocks and accessories. We set up aquariums at offices, exhibition centres, etc. based on contract basis; going back to the office to wc once or fortnightly to maintain the aquariums.
It is less feasible for home owners as there are a lot of grey areas and liability involved in such trade i.e. how to account for fish death if it is due to customers fault, etc.
Back then, ppl who are unable to own a n aquarium can also opt for a virtual fish tank (technology is not as advanced as now); guess young ppl may not be aware of this. This business idea went obsolete when technology advances. The link will give you an idea what a virtual fish tank looks like. Cheers
>Having said and discuss so much.. I guess it seems more disadvantage towards us then would-be owner. But if both are willing to commit , why not?
After all , 1 fish too many here may be 1 fish just enough there mah..
Wonder this forum mod has any objection on this way of promoting fish keeping ?
>this is a great idea.but im sure you will have to provide all the tank and equipments too. most if not all that interested in this concept is either they are keen to keep fishes but dont want the hassle of keeping it or those that have no interest at all in keeping fish ( those that just wanna heed the feng shui master advise placing an arowana in the wealth sector or whatever reasons ).
As what you said its more disadvantage to you rather than the "owner",there is a very high risk in this rental concept. what if the people feed the aro with something they shouldnt feed? accidentally switch off the pumps or air pump? there is always 101 reasons when the fish died. and usually when this happen , the so called owner would say he is not liable. either u give a new fish where he would continue to rent or he might just stop renting.either way you inccured a loses.
instead of rental , why dont you provide installments + buyback? nowadays every credit card offer installments plans. this would help them to maintain lower start up cost and on your side getting full payment instead. and for those opt for regular maintainance will be charge accordingly. and after a while those owner "sien" already , they can sell it back to you on agreed price based on condition. and they get back some money. by doing this , if the fish died , it will be the owners responsible.

Three Ratfish of the Emperor Will you rent an Arowana Fish? Red-hooked Silver Edition Fish those tanks and equipments got from buybacks can always be use for the next interested customers.
in KL there is already a buyback scheme running.But that is only for the arowana. And I dont think is so tempting but if the buyback is for everything , then its very tempting. heck,if i not gonna keep the fish , what make them think i wanna keep the tank? and a lot ppl i knew is very quick to lose interest in fish keeping. they buy on impulse and after a while they will complain headache how to dispose the fish and tank.
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