worries of connection and loss new messages



worries of connection and loss new messages

Is it possible to put more new message in the Winget on the homepage of the forum.
Because my connection cut from time to time on the forum and I am forced to relaunch the forum.
And I do not see the new messages :(
thank you
Hi Laurent, thanks for your feedback.
I will increase the number of new posts displayed in the Home Page Widget, from 5 to 10.
Hope it is sufficient for your reading pleasure.
>This morning I arrived and I had almost three pages of new messages, and now I found only 3 new messages.
On my forum I have 60 new messages and it scrolls so it not take up much room.
Youre not just putting more and scroll?
>The New Post list will be clear if you are inactive for more than 15 minutes.
Let me see how I can improve the New Post feature.
>For the convenience of members, I have added an "Todays Posts" navigation tab.
It will show a list of last 24-hours posts.
>Yesssss !!!! very convenient 4 forumers to catch up and be updated on happenings.... Thank u Neo....
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