Tanggu flowers birds fish and insects buy dogs



Tanggu flowers birds fish and insects buy dogs

There are no healthy dogs in Tanggu Nine Juvenile Birds, Fishes and Insects Market. I bought 4 of them there. Each of them is sick. Their dogs are not from their own breeds. They are bought from Northeast China. There are 4 dogs every week.The trafficker sent it over, and it was Saturday for another day to raise it, and all the traffic was sold.You dont believe that on Saturdays, you can buy dogs with a price that is not low, and you need to add 1200 dogs to buy the line on Sunday because if you cant sell it on Sunday, the symptoms will basically be reflected in the next week.The main reason is that the dog dealers in Northeast China are relatively inhumane. The lactation period of puppies should be at least 45 days. In order to reduce the pressure of bitches and quickly realize them, they basically let the bitches suck up and sell them after 20 days of feeding.It is a large car with hundreds of thousands of dogs, and the transportation density is very large. In order to reduce the excretion of dogs during transportation, it is not fed before transportation. It takes at least one and a half days to come from the northeast. This period of time is extremely resistantWeakness, coupled with such a high transport density, one dog is sick. Basically all dogs are sick.Even if there are no sick dogs in this car, weaned puppies are also very susceptible to parvoviruses. Parvoviruses are bred under high-density breeding conditions.In addition, after the dog owner buys it, he still has to play the quadruple to prevent the dog from getting sick. However, the weak dog who just bought it is not very resistant. The quadruple is actually putting the virus under control.Planted in the dogs body means that the quadruple itself is a virus, the purpose is to allow the dog to produce antibodies, but the puppys physique is weak, at this time the virus injection actually helps the dog die faster.So the flowers, birds, fishes and insects next to Jiuyou will basically tell you that they have been vaccinated, or if they have been vaccinated once, they will still have to wait for a week before they are vaccinated.If you are desperate to catch up with a disease-free person, it will survive the vaccinations.Go there to buy a dog. If you want to buy health, you must take the opportunity. Sometimes someone buys a puppy that has been kept for two or three months and does not want to keep it. There are also some consignments. In this case, there are 4,5 dogs.Its almost safe to be sick when the month old is sick.And when buying a dog, dont listen to the fooling of selling dogs, saying that this dog is 3 or 4 months old. Such dogs are basically no more than a month and a half, which is the most dangerous time.

  Also tell you which of these is more reliable.South Gate is 50 meters away from the Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect Market. On the left hand side is the first dog to sell. His family is the most unreliable. I bought two small sick dogs from the northeast.Going forward, there are not many other dogs that sell a dog. It is quite reliable, but it is difficult to have the breed you want.Then turn left a little bit and continue to walk forward. There are two dog sellers on the right. Those who have a large glass box on the roadside should not buy Northeast dogs.Then there is a family of two dogs with two faces, and the quality of his dog is okay.But I dare not guarantee anything. My sister bought a house there for the first two days and put him in foster care. There are children in the family who are afraid that the dog will die and the child will be sad.Its still sick to go home.Basically, there are only a few of them. Its not safe. You can take care of yourself.As for those who sell dogs on the right turn, I will not introduce them to you. They are all large stout dogs.
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