The temple is full of fun



The temple is full of fun

Adults feel the charm of traditional culture, and children also grow their knowledge in the scenic area.After carefully “picking" a thin piece of paper from the sink containing the paper with a paper cutter, the 8-year-old boy Gao Haoxiang shouted: “Its terribly cold."But seeing the other children dry the paper on the easel, he said to his father "I want to try again", and the second sheet of paper was printed out smoothly.According to the points of pen making explained by the instructor, Gao Haoxiang cant wait to pick up the tip of the finished pen. After being dipped in glue, he gently rotates it into the pen barrel. When the glue is solidified, he proudly raises the finished pen to let his fatherHelp take pictures."Papermaking is the four major inventions in my country. It is a good learning process for children to experience papermaking in person.Gao Haoxiangs father said that the experience-like activities are very good.

  Therefore, when the oldest rock music, Huayin Laoqiang, rang through the cold spring kiln, the old tune full of stories undoubtedly infected all tourists.According to reports, this years Cold Spring New Years Eve will continue to innovate, including 9 major sections, from the visual, auditory, and taste to create the first temple fair brand in the west.The Trinity meets the needs of tourists visiting temple fairs.

  Along with the ancient music, Sun Xianhua told reporters that Jixian ancient music is by far the most complete large-scale folk music found and preserved in my country, and it is also an important legacy of ancient Chinese music.Because of its reputation as the "living fossil" of ancient Chinese music, it has now been included in the worlds intangible cultural heritage.According to the way of performance, Jixian ancient music is divided into sitting music and walking music; according to different categories, Jixian ancient music is divided into Dongcang ancient music and Jixian ancient music.

  It is often heard from older people that every old Xian has an incomprehensible affection for the Capital City God Temple."Thats right, the new year I remembered since childhood was inseparable from the City God Temple."It is said that as a native of Xian, as a native of Xian, the scene of going to the temple fair with his family in the first month more than 40 years ago was Ren Jies most memorable memory.

  The team walked to the Wangshou Village Square, followed by the city Gods handover ceremony, the city goddess was dusting the suit, the civil military officer lit candles, offering wine, chanting the ritual, drums first, the guns rose, the city god got on the sedan until the city god tookBack to Shiwang Village, the time has reached about 4 oclock in the afternoon.From 4 a.m., Guo Shufang, who was 80 years old, began to organize her own team of childrens walking horses. The almost 12-hour festival was not easy for the elderly, but she kept smiling all the way.It is relatively simple to see the Yingcheng God. Most of the teams only have a gong and drum team, and the level of liveliness is also incomparable.Elder Guo Shufang said with a smile, the tradition has not changed, what has changed is that the life of the villagers is getting better and better, the Yingcheng God is welcoming, the welcoming is the good weather, and everyone is happy to see it, and it is worthwhile to be tired.

  In the afternoon, a burst of cheerful music was uploaded from the theater. It turned out that the performance of Chenghuangmiao Drum Club, which was listed as the worlds intangible cultural heritage in 2009, began.Xian Drum Music is by far one of the most complete large-scale folk music species preserved in China, and Chenghuang Temple Drum Music Club is the most “old" society in this kind of music. The performance in the first month of the year can always attract a large number of tourists.Come.When the reporter arrived, the opening track "Gong and Drums" had just sounded, and the flute was mingled and the gongs and drums were ringing at the same time. The lively drum music accompanied the ancient rhythm and sent a New Year blessing to tourists.This form of performance made many foreign tourists even claim to praise, "I have never heard such music. I heard that these are ancient songs, and I feel more cultural."The old Xian who knew a little about the drum music had been waiting for the sound of the classic track "Eight-footed Shuangyun Gong Sitting Music". When the first beat fell, they narrowed their eyes and put their hands on their legs.Following the beat, the eyes were opened with satisfaction only after the thousands of turns, maybe this Spring Festival would be considered complete.

  When 10 "little officers" performed a "golden water blessing" dance in a golden bowl, Ma Xiang said that the "golden water was taken from the side of the golden water bridge, and the golden water blessing was to absorb wealth and blessings";During the interpretation of "Incense Incense", Ma Xiang explained that "incense incense originated in the Spring and Autumn Period, incense is what people communicate with gods and convey their wishes".

  Happiness is so simple, the reporter is deeply infected, "Today in the city is getting younger and younger, thank you for having such a city god temple, thank you for the good wishes it carries, and the cultural history it contains,Let us also regain our beautiful memories of the Spring Festival in yoyo sandalwood and festive drumming."

  There are many favorite temples in Xian, and Qujiang Hanyao New Spring Ancient Meeting is undoubtedly among them.The reason is simple. The cultural spirit of the millennium cold kiln has been well inherited in this ancient society.

  In order to enrich the content of this intangible cultural heritage, in addition to the Jinshuixingxiang welcome ceremony, the Zhaogongming God of Wealth cultural scenic spot also upgraded the Yingcai prayer ceremony during the Spring Festival, and the carefully arranged scenes reproduced the ancient peoples Yingcai prayer program and etiquette.

  As in previous years, the crowd in front of the Wenchang Hall lights up and prays for blessings. The residents of the Metropolitan God Temple told reporters that from the beginning of the "small year", the number of citizens who prayed at the Wenchang Hall gradually increased, reaching the highest peak around the fifteenth of the first month."Come on for a good look, and then buy some New Years goods and lanterns next to it."Many citizens said so.

  I bought a lantern, hung a blessing card, admired calligraphy, and listened to drum music. At this time, the sun was setting. The old man bought a rose mirror cake for his granddaughter in the dazzling snacks of the citys God Temple.Full of happiness.

  The reporter saw that a group of tourists gathered around the free Lantern Festival production site, rubbing the Lantern Festival in their hands with joy and busyness.A lady named Xiao asked her 7-year-old son to wash his hands and knead, while four or five children huddled together to discuss the joy of making Lantern Festival.A pair of old and sparse old people ate a few Lantern Festivals obtained by guessing lantern riddles, and they turned back to the place where the Lantern Festival was made to cheerfully start the Lantern Festival.Wang Zhi, the chef who guides tourists to do the Lantern Festival, told reporters that he was very happy to be able to instruct tourists to do the Lantern Festival and have fun with everyone on the Lantern Festival.

  At around 10:50, a melodious flute came from the square, and all the tourists gathered in front of Zhaobi and quickly formed a wall of people.With more than 10 folk artists wearing traditional costumes synchronously playing Jixian Ancient Music, etiquette officer Ma Xiang announced the start of the Jinshuixingxiang welcome ceremony.

  In the accompanying team, the reporter saw the two brothers Yuhan and Yuchen wearing makeup and bells on their heads, one snuggled in his mothers arms and rested, and the other fell asleep on her grandmothers shoulder because she was too tired.Its probably too hard for two 6-year-olds to carry the more than a catty censer to the village next door, but in the eyes of the villagers, its an honor to give the city god a censer once in a lifetime.The children brought a lot of blessings, "The next time the village will meet the city god again, it will be 19 years later. When that time, the two children will recall that they brought the incense burner to the city god, and they will certainly be very proud."Looking at the sleeping child in their arms, the grandmothers of the two brothers said kindly.

  The reporter saw at the scene that tourists infected with dance and ancient music took out their mobile phones or cameras to record.An old man put his child on his shoulder to make his 3-year-old grandson look real, and he didnt forget to pat on the phone.

  On the twelfth day of the first lunar month, at about 6:30 in the morning, before dawn, the twin brothers Li Yuhan and Li Yuchen of Shiwang Village in Hu County were awakened by their mothers early.The day was a big day for the village to welcome the city God. This intangible cultural heritage project held in Beixiang, Huxian County has been passed on for a long time. The 19th Fort in Beixiang took turns to host the festival.The 6-year-old Yu Han and Yu Chen happened to be the villages turn when they reached the age of offering sandalwood incense burners to the city god. The two brothers didnt quite understand the meaning, but the villagers regarded it as a kind ofBlessing.

  "The transfer wheel is also called the fortune wheel, and it is best to turn in one direction with your left hand when turning."看到有的游客用右手转轮,有的甚至双手抱轮,

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按照‘左进右出’的说法,So use your left hand to turn in one direction."Under the guidance of Sun Xianhua, more than 10 tourists lined up in sequence to start over again, hoping that in the new year, they will be rich in wealth and prosperous.

  The display of handicrafts also highlights the charm of intangible cultural heritage.Ms. Chen Liping from Gongli Town in Fuping County hung many straw crafts in front of her booth. She pointed at the colorful hydrangea floating in the wind and said, "This knitting takes more than 20 days, and sold several during the holiday season."It is understood that Chen Lipings 62-year-old mother was clever and led the family to do straw weaving all the year round and won many awards.Fupings specialty persimmons, Qiong pot sugar, pepper, pepper leaves, etc. were also placed on her stall, which also added a strong regional color.

  As we were saying, a roaring “three beats of drums" on the stands made the whole square quiet. The festival of ceremonies officially began. The salute, the band of civil and military officials, the incense.Following this, the four horses reported to the road, the flags of honor followed, the gongs and drums clamoured, and the lion dance figure flipped. The entire team stretched for nearly a kilometer and went to Wang Shou Village next door.

  Since coming to the cold kiln, it is natural to look for a romantic love story that has been inherited for thousands of years. Some young men and women smile happily beside the traces left by Xue Pinggui and Wang Baochuan. The happy appearance makes everyone feel that this world is so beautiful.

  "Look, there is a mythical beast on each side of the wall in front of your eyes. This is the legendary pixiu."Sun Xianhua said that Pi Xiu has a mouth and no anus, but cant get in or out. It has the meaning of attracting wealth and absorbing wealth, as well as driving away evil spirits and bringing good luck."After listening to Sun Xianhuas introduction, the tourists flocked to the brave pig, carefully touched with their hands, and also recorded with the lens, and there were photos competing with the brave pig.

  "Chenghuang Temple, Jiulisan, everything is in it, from Lingluo and satin, down to cattle cages and saddles." This folk song describing the scene of the temple fair in the city of Chenghuang has been sung to this day.On the 13th of January, reporters came here with many citizens. Although it is difficult to find the bulls and saddles at the temple fair, the atmosphere of Zhang Dengcai and the drumming music can still make people feel the New Year smell exuded by this ancient concept.child.

  "Our group of 7 people came from Tianjiawan. We went out at 8 a.m. and arrived at more than 10 a.m., which felt very convenient."In addition to his family, there are several foreign friends who accompanied Mr. Yang. Let them feel the culture of God of Wealth, and let themselves relax after a hard year.

  Early in the morning, Shiwang Village became lively and walked in from the village entrance. On the way, there were villagers who rushed to the festival from the neighboring villages, and various small vendors began to find a suitable location.The only way to go is to display sugar cane, toys, small goldfish, cotton candy and other commodities.Following the crowd, following the faint sound of gongs and drums, they came to the main venue of the Shiwang Village to greet the Chenghuang Ceremony. At this time, the square was already surrounded by villagers and the ritual team.

  Rushing to the temple fair was originally a ground-breaking thing, but this years calligraphy exhibition of the Taoist Temple of the City God painted a fairy tale for the temple fair."Dao, Ke Dao, Dao Dao; Ming, Ke Ming, Dao Ming", more than 30 calligraphy works of the Dao De Jing are neatly displayed around the main hall courtyard.After the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.The font of the work is either elegant or neat or chic, and the natural concept of Taoism and law that it conveys will also make people quiet in the lively temple fair.The Henan tourist who just sent a few scenes of the temple fair to the WeChat friend circle is also a calligraphy lover. "I like this temple fair in the Capital City God Temple. The festival is lively and cultural, but this is not the case.In the circle of friends, my friends from my hometown can feel the atmosphere of the Lantern Festival while enjoying the works.”

  The reporter learned that welcoming the Lord of the City God to bless one side has already played down the previous superstition and become a custom passed down.The Yingcheng God is not only admiring Zhonglie, but also the competition of rural folk culture and economic strength, symbolizing the prosperity of the villagers.

  Combined with the "Peoples Festival" link of the ceremony, Xianyang tourist Ms. Zhang was impressed with the etiquette of "one willing to give, two holding gold, three transferring, and then worship": "Worshiping the God of Wealth is not as simple as burning incense sticks.Didu highlights the charm of traditional culture.”

The temple is full of fun Brazilian Asiatic Fish

  As the saying goes, "but only fifteen are years", the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival continues, and temple fairs and community fires everywhere are one after another.These days, the reporters of the newspaper went to the Xian Metropolitan God Temple, Qujiang Hanyao, Huxian and Zhouzhi, where they felt the strong flavor of the year.Whether it is the old people who have recovered their childhood memories in the City God Temple and the cultural atmosphere that everyone deeply feels in, or the villagers who welcome the City God to pray for the weather and the good life, and the unforgettable history of the villagers and the ancient meetings of the Han YaoInheritance.Although the taste of the festival is different, the same is the common yearning for a happy life in the new year, and full of confidence in the prosperous future.

  In the era of lack of materials, the Spring Festival Temple Fair is an indispensable New Years content after a year of hard work.Today, food and clothing are not worrying, but the temple fair is still a favorite place for many people during the Spring Festival.

  The reporter came to Qujiang Hanyao Ruins Park on the thirteenth morning of the first lunar month.Just entering the west gate, riddled with red lanterns hanging over his head, rippling in the spring breeze.An elderly man in his 70s, with a look of excitement, took the answer to find a place to redeem the prize.A little girl jumped to the podium and said excitedly that the 36th puzzle was a word of "forbearance", and the staff gave her a small gift.The little girl told reporters that her dad was awesome, this is what his dad guessed.Obviously, the riddle game, which has been passed down for thousands of years, makes everyone feel its unique charm here. The staff at the Hanyao site said that the scenic spot has specially prepared 300 riddles to allow everyone to increase their knowledge and recollect the tradition.

  "Crackle, crackle", when the team leader entered Wangshou Village, the people on the street started to set off firecrackers in front of the team in sequence. "The Yingcheng God started preparing in the early morning. Many people in the team did not have time to eat as a gift to the Cheng God.In the village, they had to put a table on the place where they passed to prepare water and food to comfort them."Yao Yafeng, a villager in Wangshou Village, said while pouring hot water into the cup and handing it to the people in the team. Although a cup of hot water cant wash away the fatigue, it can still warm the body up and down.With a smile, the relationship between the two villagers is also much closer.

  The reporter saw at the scene that most of the family came to the temple fair, supporting the old with the young and carrying the arms on their shoulders."We just want our children to know that New Years Eve is not just about eating, drinking and drinking at home. Mr. Zhang said, "The Spring Festival is a festival of the Chinese nation. Harmonious communication between people, congratulatory etiquette, beautiful blessings, etc. are indispensable festival cultures.”

  Since it is the tradition first, the ancient meeting naturally has the element of food.People take food as the sky. In the traditional Chinese New Year, eating is an indispensable part.There are different food cultures in Qinchuan in the eight hundred miles, and these foods are gathered together to be tasted by the old gluttons.The reporter happened to meet Mr. Zhu, a food culture scholar who came to see the exhibition. He corrected a reporters prejudice.Although Shaanxi cuisine is not one of the eight major cuisines, the history of Shaanxi cuisine has a long history, and in a sense is the originator of other cuisines.In the past, when old Shaanxi went to other places, I heard that everyone mentioned Shaanxi snacks.In fact, as the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, it must have attracted the most powerful chefs from all over the country to communicate again. Zhou Bazhen and the Tang Dynasty roasted feast are all systematic dishes, which can be described as profound and profound.In order to allow tourists to better experience the food culture of Shaanxi, this years ancient meeting changed the traditional way of the past, and adopted a stronger participation and more local features of the Lantern Festival activities.Tourists can personally participate in the production of Lantern Festival while tasting lantern lanterns and admiring the lanterns, and taste the Lantern Festival made by themselves.

  "After applying the paper, lets adjust the ink, and then start from the downwind position."Under the guidance of the research instructor Xiao Zhengxuan, 10-year-old young tourist Li Yanbing picked up the tuned ink pack and quickly and evenly hit the rice paper laid on the stone tablet.Three or four minutes later, with the ink evenly sticking to the paper, the teacher successfully uncovered a rubbing."The stele is too high to reach, I think woodblock printing is better."Li Bingyan said happily, holding her printed ink treasure, and it felt quite fun."Todays experience activities that children are exposed to are not in class, nor can they be seen. They have not only trained hands-on skills, but also increased knowledge."Li Yanbings mother, Ms. Wei, said that she felt that the trip was not in vain.

  As I said, the melodious bell rang, this is a traditional activity of ancient festivals to worship gods and pray for blessings, including peoples good wishes to family and friends and gratitude to the past.Through a moment of meditation and tranquility, everyone is silently wishing themselves to abandon the bad habits in the new year and start the new years struggle with more sunshine and positive enthusiasm.

  The reporter followed the veteran through the large archway, the festive red in front of him conveyed the breath of the New Year, and the red lanterns hung by the merchants looked like a red cloud.The lanterns here are different from the malls that are made of various cartoon shapes to cater to the market, but retain the simple traditional characteristics of the lanterns. The classic pattern of the lampshade is a delicate drop of red ears, as if you can pick up the lantern and come backThousand years ago.Lao Ren also bought a lantern for his granddaughter, a small hand carrying a lantern, and shook it excitedly.The old man smiled happily, "This is like visiting a temple fair!”

  "This years festival team has 1,350 people and a total of 19 folk programs, including juggling, walking horses, gongs and drums, lion dance, and folk martial arts."As Secretary-General of the Shiwang Village Welcome Festival City God Folk Club, Li Yaozhi, who is 64 years old this year, is checking the procedures of the welcome festival with several villagers in front of the grandstand in the square."Zhengguan whole clothes, burning candles and incense." Although the folk music club began preparing for the festival as early as 3 months ago, Li Yaozhi is still confirming it repeatedly in the near future to avoid a few mistakes.

  Uncle Liu came to watch with his little granddaughter on a bicycle from a village a few miles away.He said that when he was a child, he watched the activities of the city God following the adults, and now it has become an indispensable "program" during the Spring Festival every year.No matter how far the route is, we will rush to participate in the days activities.Originally, the whole family came to participate, but the son and daughter-in-law are worried about spring farming and picking up farm tools at home, so they have to take their grandchildren to experience this long-standing folk tradition.In his mind, only in this way is the New Year, and really has the taste of New Year.

  "Before talking about the God of Wealth, I thought it was only Zhao Gongming, but I didnt expect that his four ministries would also be God of Wealth."After watching the Yingcai prayer ceremony, Mr. Liu, a tourist in Gaoling, realized that there were five gods of wealth.

  "One here, another one here." "Dont just take photos of me, and I will take a few of them for you.".The weather is fine on the first month of the first lunar month.Tourists from cultural scenic spots gathered in the Fortune Cultural Plaza "Happy Shooting".

  Ren Jie said that when he was young, there were very few temple fairs in the city, and the only thing that kept the original features of the temple fair was the capital city god temple."In addition to praying for blessings, there were many folk performances in the previous temple fairs, such as sugar-blowing people, dough-making people, and paper-cutting. When I was a kid, I loved watching dough-making people."In 2008, the Capital City God Temple, which had been interrupted for more than 40 years, resumed the Spring Festival and prayed for the blessing of the temple fair. The old man also recovered his childhood expectations and rejoicing for the New Year.Last year the veteran became a grandpa, and this year he took his one-year-old granddaughter together to see the temple fair in the City God Temple.
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