Novice wants to start with what species of rainbow fish to start



Novice wants to start with what species of rainbow fish to start

Pearl Rainbow Fish, commonly known as Amazon River Rainbow.The place of origin is the whole area of South America.Pearl rainbow fish is one of the more common rainbow fish in aquariums.With beautiful markings, the back color changes from brown to light brown, and there are round creamy spots scattered like pearls, so it is called "pearl rainbow fish".It is a precious fish, and hunting is prohibited.This kind of stingray is the first choice for entry-level players because of its cheap price and relatively good breeding.In addition to Pearl Stingrays, there are also Mick stingrays and black gold stingrays, which are also the favorite fish species for novices. Because they are produced by hybridization, the pattern on the back is not fixed, and the price is also based on qualityDifferent.
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