How much is the number of fish fish?



How much is the number of fish fish?

I would like to ask the predecessors of the fish, how many tails of the koi and goldfish are more suitable. Is there anything else?
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  Koi first knows the fish friends say: Dont be so superstitious!Hurray
One person is in the heart of the fish, saying: How much to see the size of your cylinder
° C below the fish: I didnt pay attention to this
Rattop the following fish friends in ° C said: watch the size of the cylinder and the size of the fish.
Huyou said: How much to take care of your cylinder
Promet 001 fish friends say: singles, 3, 5, 7, 9, and six can also
Tata001 fish friends say: It seems that 6 7 9 is more
Promet 001 fish friends say: you like it.
One heart fish friend said: Thank you!
Flying and small fish friends say: the mantissa 1-6-9, watch the fish tank size
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Snow White with its new tank mates

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