Leopard tattoo 【Activity theme one】The first sacrificed fish



Leopard tattoo 【Activity theme one】The first sacrificed fish

The first fish I sacrificed in my hand was a black-eyed lucky fish.At that time, I had just opened the tank for 17 days, and I couldnt wait to buy it to break into the tank.Because of the new tank, I thought to make it hungry for three days, and then feed the fish food three days later.As a result, when I woke up, I realized that this guy actually gnawed up the leaves of the big leaf Shuirong, which I finally tied to the sinking wood.But the good times didnt last long. Within two days, I discovered that the black-eye lucky fish was sick: its pectoral fins were rotten, and red patches appeared on its body, and more and more, the area became larger and larger.I changed one quarter of the water and put 100 grams of salt (1.2*0.5*0.7)), keep the water temperature at 28.At 5 degrees, I dropped another 3 bottles of penicillin, but I still didnt save it.Alas, sigh.
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
Fools have no worries Comment: Lucky get skin diseases easily, keep water quality and observe fish situation.
Longer obediently Comment: Well
Glyco de white coffee Comment: Alas, I was in a hurry

Leopard tattoo 【Activity theme one】The first sacrificed fish Indonesian TigerLonger Obedient Comment: It means that novices raise fish
Glyco de white coffee Comment: The good version means that fish have never used medicine, or people have not used medicine?
Longer Obedient Comment: Havent used medicineDont give medicine easily
Phase A:) Pending ~ Comment: Zhaocaitong got sick, raised water quality, raised fish in naked tank,
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