Feel ok novice

Okay, this.Feel ok novice MALAYSIA GOLDEN AROWANA

  = (Comments on alliance Sianlon Arowana Aquatic friends) =

   Happiness 001002 Say: can
Shi Youzhong Say: Beautiful and red!
Yuyou Wangao 001 Say: How many please?Novices plan to start Red Dragon!
Yuyou prototype╰ ァ Say: Yes, most of area A is half
Fish friend kuny kun Say: Good fish
Yuyou Fei Tong Xiaoke Say: Hair color is pretty good
Amo Say: I like it
Fish Friends vaguely Say: The hair color is pretty good
Yuyou January 001 Say: Thank you for your encouragement, pure novice
Arowana changes places and doesn"t eat
What happened to Jinlong not eating?@
Arowana does not eat for more than a week:
What to do if Arowana does n"t eat"
What"s going on with Arowana for 1 month?
Buy back gold arowana without eating,
What to do if Jinlong doesn"t eat$


Nh3 Nh4 always at 1.5 ppm

PH值只有5 而且用了很多办法 缸里的水就是不很清 怎么办?

FS: 8-9 inch FRT Pig Nose Turtleprofita

Noteat and grow fish even red...

pair pearls and Bd male


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