Do you use oxygen in Sanhu cichlids?



Do you use oxygen in Sanhu cichlids?

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  Cui Yiping Say:
Yuyou enjoy happiness Say: No itch
Yuyou Fei Tong Xiaoke Say: Oxygen foot is not needed
Yuyou Kung Fu Panda 0404 Say: Should fight
Yuyou brian810814 Say: Oxygen foot is not needed, the bubble blown out is not so beautiful

Do you use oxygen in Sanhu cichlids? MALAYSIA GOLDEN AROWANAYuyou cngogjivw Say: See what filter, bottom filter, trickle is not used, the filter bucket is still good for oxygen
Yuyou Yuanchen and his father Say: It does nt matter whether I hit it or not
Yuyou lazy man Say: My bottom filter never hits oxygen unless it is hung in the incubator
Fish friends are good Say: Of course, although the three lakes consume less oxygen, they also need oxygen. If you are using trickle filtering, there are only a few fish, and you do nt need to beat them once a day
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