Overback Arowana Typhoon Lichma



Overback Arowana Typhoon Lichma

Typhoon Liqima logged in Wenling at 1:45 in the morning on the 10th, with a strong wind of level 16, and the fish house was on the first floor of the garage. He never experienced flooding.The power outage is also normal. To ensure foolproof, I specially stopped for two days. I am a three-tier row of tanks. I also expected what to do in case of flooding. Move the dragon fish to the third level.Put an AC and DC oxygen pump and check the monitoring system.After the typhoon, it brought heavy rainfall. The upstream Xianju and Tiantai flooded. Due to the flooding, the water gate of the old city was broken, and the river poured into the urban area. The fish house began to enter the water at 8 pm, and a group of exhaust tanks around 8:30.Tripped, the main gate also jumped around 9:30, the monitoring could not be opened, the whole city was soaked in water, the road was impassable, on the morning of 11th, I lay in the water and entered the fish house, the flood had reached the thigh, God still cares for usThe fish are all okay. I stopped the electricity for 12 hours. I relied on the direct oxygen pump and the low density. Although it tripped, there was still electricity. I didnt dare to pull the brake hurriedly. I was afraid that there was electricity in the water.Line, I chose the wire gate that walked to the top, unplug all electrical power supplies, only selected a few water pumps and air pumps to be used, connected to the power supply, everything is smooth, because the flood rises, the first layer of the exhaust tankAnd the filter tank is already a turbid flood, knowledge that the water is very dirty, and the water is stopped (the water during this period is not safe to use), the tank runs normally, and the turbid flood has also entered all the tanks, and I am worried that the water isQuestion, but there is no way. It seems that the state of the fish is okay. Probably the arowana also likes natural water and can only comfort itself like this.Later update the status of natural flood fish farming Baita Community District 5
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Yuyu Yu Comment: Not easy
Xiaobai came to raise a lively comment: The fish tank was lost in the garage, and it is not a lot less ornamental.
Water Curtain 999 Comment: Not easy
Amo Comment: Look at your fish.
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