Wake up early



Wake up early

Wake up early tropical fish

  The first thing to get up early to see you========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Liu 890730 Yuyou said: How wide is the tank teacher?
Lone Ranger 007 Yuyou said: Your fish is beautiful, lets pay attention to each other
How much feed does the goldfish feed every day%
Sheep fed pellet feed"
What kind of pellet feed does the swallow feed?:
7 goldfish are fed a few pellets a day%
Straw feed pellets for cattle
How much feed does a goldfish feed^
Which kind of best feed is best to use(
Comparison of Most Feeds&
How about German Most Feed*
How much feed does the goldfish feed at once$


Sharing my simple filtration system

Not Snow White just brassy arapaima

V tail

My LAO HORs.....

Spotted: a nice little aro


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