After the new fish home



After the new fish home

New home turn Koi hydration tank (cylinder) before and after the more common injuries, is truly a hurdle.Many aquarists accustomed to using "strong medicine" to sterilize insects, such as the common gluten, potassium permanganate, ivermectin, trichlorfon.But even so, water transfer the success rate is still worrying. Why turn a double play after the bacteria insect water still fail

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Generally, the water transfer failure following four reasons: 1, poisoning: disorder medication, quality problems; 2, infection in vivo: already sick fish or fish in the field of cross-infection; 3, strong stress: Koi itself and too sensitive to external stimuli; 4, trauma: rough handling, improper transport of these four points overlapping reasons related, in particular, it is one of the more "strong stress", the highest rate of overlap with the other three. Such as "sterilization" during the transfer of water, in fact, only for the body, are in most cases "rather victimizes 1000, not let a".Gluten, potassium permanganate, ivermectin itself has a strong irritant and toxic and pathogenic in vivo is not valid in the case if only disinfection, other negative factors still exist, but also how to ensure successful transfer of water.

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So, how should we do to turn water? First might need is luck.Do not buy a new pathogen of fish, especially viral pathogens, such as carp herpes virus is essentially untreatable. Second, try to start to consider the pros and cons of each one of the following four reasons from above.For example: the use of potassium permanganate, short-term trauma for disinfection, but will cause strong stress for a long time.Another example: the use of trichlorfon killing effect on the surface of certain parasites, but may cause hypoxic stress and strong poisoning, need to use appropriate, the balance of risks.From fish farms to aquarists, in addition to sick koi need luck in vivo, the key consideration is basically anti-stress problem, do this, will also greatly reduce the trauma, the resistance will greatly enhance fish, aquarists only need to do water and disinfection of care can be combined pool (cylinder) a.

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Self-discipline is the belief fish lovers say: be sensible, you sentence, parasites and bacteria, koi are carried for life, preventive, water temperature control, direct and cylinders, can do so much, just like Jin carp because of water need to be migrated to Kawaguchi, such as a half a month to go in 10 days?Pure nonsense, never mentioned any need to close the book cylinder holding culture, only the water temperature requirements

After the new fish home Bat pomfret ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The5sheetDawn weixin0003 aquarists say: learning
Jay weixin021 aquarists said: then what good turn water?Personal feeling turn, the water should not be so toss the fish, the whole pool after closing the pool insecticidal sterilization.Good point.After all, when the transfer of water treatment time will be very short
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