Are there any polycultured Genghis Khan?



Are there any polycultured Genghis Khan?

how do you feel?Can it be polycultured?Will it pose a threat to Arowana?


Are there any polycultured Genghis Khan? Thin frame red dragon fish========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
Petting arowana Yuyu said: Look at my homepage, it is not recommended to raise, the big one is the vacuum cleaner, can eat can pull, small fish, all become Chinese food, and the arowana can chase after eating
Yucheng said: "Its hard to say when you grow up, you can eat it and you can pull it. I like swimming in the tank more than the dragon.
Raising the dragon along the edge Yuyu said: There is no threat, but the fish loves to disturb the tank back and forth.Will scare the dragon fish.
Lu Hua and Arowana oil is better"
Arowana squeezed cooked soybean oil picture:
Is there any problem with Arowana peanut oil#
Which oil is better, Arowana or Luhua?~
Where is Luhua better than Arowana$
Arowana Luhua which is safe!
Arowana Luhua oil which is better$
Which is better, Luhua and Arowana?%


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Hahahahaha who Girl Frlive fishiend is t

Bare bottom tank question .

Update on my 15 blue YTL orino rio meta

The Furious Five aka The Tiger Den


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