Do me a favor and look forward to it



Do me a favor and look forward to it

Ronaldinho is bigger than the lighter, and his head is obviously a little bit smaller than before.
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======

Do me a favor and look forward to it Red-tailed ArowanaLin860630 Comment: Lets raise it again.

Long Muxuan Comment: At present, there is a bit of the head seat, and then raise and watch
Never see fish neighbor again Comments: good
1956 Little cute comment: There is a head seat and a good support
There are always Diao 003 Comments: promising
Dream weixin001 Comment: Passing by
zhudengji Comment: Reply @刘兴军: Ask friends to give a way to attack the head. Currently three meals a day. Feed Red worm shrimp. Change the water every week.
Liu Xingjun Comment: Beautiful
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