Can the bottom filter fish tank raise aquatic plants



Can the bottom filter fish tank raise aquatic plants

Bottom filtration is one of the fish tank filtration methods, which can provide the largest space for the filter material, which is conducive to the cultivation of nitrifying bacteria. The disadvantage is that the volume is huge.Usually equipped with physical filtration area, biological filtration area, equipment area, sedimentation bin.

  The bottom filter fish tank is not suitable for aquatic plants. The first reason is that the water flow difference is large and the open filter system will cause carbon dioxide overflow in the water. Carbon dioxide overflow affects plant photosynthesis and cannot lower the water pH, which is not beneficial to the growth of aquatic plants.The second reason is that the bottom filter cylinder is mostly a tie bar, which restricts the selection of water grass lamps.The third is that the overflow will draw the sediment away and it is not easy to control.The fourth is that the bottom filter tank is generally deep, which is not good for pruning aquatic plants.In summary, the bottom filter is not suitable for aquaculture.But there is no absolute, if anyone who has experience in feeding aquatic plants can try, but there are some modifications to the tank.And to solve the above-mentioned problems, and there are trade-offs when choosing water plants and fish.Thank you

  The bottom filter tank is usually hidden in the bottom cabinet. The whole looks beautiful and neat. The water change and other operations can be performed in the bottom tank, which can significantly reduce the impact on the fish in the tank.

Can the bottom filter fish tank raise aquatic plants Red-tailed Arowana


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