My little four children



My little four children

My little four children The bloody dragonSmall yellow four children
Barley insect fish friend: not suitable for water quality. Just adapt
dragon fish friend selling blood: reply to Haifeng 363"s post
Fish friend: just study the water and give it a shelter
Thank you. I thought tiger fish was sick. I"m worried!! ha-ha
Haifeng 363 fish friend: tiger fish have the habit of grinding tanks, and add some salt to the water
There are Stingrays in the tank. They can"t put salt. There"s no problem with water quality and oxygen. They"ve all been checked!


One pair of BDleos

Flagtail prochilodus for sale.....

My Endies

My pbs

16 3 bar 16 4 bar n 11 4 bar


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Wonderful comments
  • 2022-07-05 13:04:14

    Are ingot phoenix fish mixed with arowana?^