1 week did not change the water of the



1 week did not change the water of the

1 week did not change the water of the Indonesian Red Arowana
1 week did not change the water Weiyang District, Xian, Shaanxi Province
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Jingjing grass carp lovers say: clear water, beautiful fish.
Thirty-three painting aquarists said: Yes!
Jingjing grass carp lovers say: bad
Tianjin two sons 1978 aquarists say: Do not long.
Hundred mountain parrot fish lovers say: One week changed once the best, two weeks, no problem
Fangs fish lovers say: just normal number of fish in one week
_ _ Spirit Wolf fish lovers say: change too frequently is not good
White fish aquarists to say: time change
What kind of fish do dragon fish look good?&
Arowana and tiger fish fight with matching fish%
Arowana and junk fish are best mixed^
What are the matching fish of arowana@
Arowana with fish picture appreciation$
Gold ingot fish silver ingot fish picture,
What are the fish mixed with dragon fish*
Is the ingot fish mouth fighting against the mouth?(
arowana fish#


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discussion - so wat is hole on aro head?

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    How big can the Phoenix Ingot Fish grow~