Tool fish that can remove algae



Tool fish that can remove algae

The scavengers I raised earlier sucked the pig-nosed tortoise at the beginning, but later chased the dragon to suck it, so I cleaned it up.I heard that the phoenix also sucks the dragon fish, so I would like to ask what other tools fish can remove algae, not fish.
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Longyu Arowana Comment: There is a fish for 5 dollars, a small pipa scavenger
Ancient city gold collar Comments: Queens big sail or leopard print
zy2828858 Comment: Crown Leopard Shaped
Wandering Long Dian Comment: The scavenger can be practical. If the scavenger who sucks the fish is overwhelmingly the fish sucked has a problem
Feng is the same, but its not so good to feed
webwrites Comment: Personally feel that the scavenger is useless, I dont feel much after raising it.
Ye Kun Comments: Backward cats and clean fish have this possibility. Clean fish will follow her when there are only problems in the tank
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