Fish four months



Fish four months

Fish four months Purple-backed Arowana
Now novice to fish.
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Mo aquarists say: four months can also.
Yuyao hairs aquarists said: beautiful
Dirty dirty fish lovers say:
Dragons home aquarists said:
Patrol the Amazon fish lovers say: so vat bottom filter is certainly not twice, in fact, do not need oxygen, although you raised fish are high in oxygen
Far North nice shimmer
Red Arowana"s requirements for water temperature)
The best breeding temperature of red arowana%
How to grow Jinlong and Red Dragon together!
What is the minimum temperature of red arowana*
Red arowana water temperature 30 degrees%
Is the temperature of arowana fish 28 or 31?$


What do you feed your aro?

Black Dragon HMPK X Red Dragon HMPK.

Skin problem

Mitra Reds - after 2 weeks of tanning

Koi Backyard Ponds


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    How big the parrot fish turns red?