Xiaobai doesnt know how to choose



Xiaobai doesnt know how to choose

How about this pump?Which is better or is there any other brand recommended?Fish tank 60x40x40 has a big fishXiaobai doesnt know how to choose Purple-backed Arowana========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Struggle 001039 Yuyou said: it is not as good as DC pumps, there are cheaper ones, and those with speed regulation, the centrifugal pumps have good head flow
Koi Terminator Yuyou said: Choose the frequency converter, you consume power,
philyang Yuyou said: Kuyu
Xiaosong Ping Changyu Yu You said: Chuang Ning.
Xiao Luohan 1 Yuyou said: You can choose Bots small pump
Yucheng said: Chuang Ning
Flying Fish 001 Yu You said: Xuan Chuang Ning
How long does the nec light shine for the red dragon fish&
Video of Raising Red Arowana
What is the name of the red dragon fish)
Musi Red Arowana$
5 million red dragon fish pictures%
Guangdong Red Arowana Breeding Base.
China"s top ten red dragon fish brands?
Will the Indonesian Tiger bite the red dragon fish(


Whitish living things in tank

Fluval fx5

Update of my humble normal gold.

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