Help see if its black yarn



Help see if its black yarn

What happened to the black yarn under the fins of the horse goldfish? Isnt it just like this? The water is very clear, is it caused by the water quality!
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Yujun Tongle Comment: Cant see clearly, if it is black yarn, change water frequently
Popo qq0006 Comment: I have the same problem
tcwz318 Comment: Generally, it appears on the face of fish and is black in color, so it is mostly called black yarn, and the yarn of the veil is also taken.
Pig head Jian Comment: What is black sand?
tcwz318 Comment: The fish is well-bred, come on!No black yarn found
Xiao Jingshen comment: Does this fish belong to the peacock category?
Small depth of field comment: It is not very clear what the hair color is, but its good to see
sdjsjym comments:
Its pure Lehe Comment: Not black sand, no problem
Longer obediently commented: Looks like it is not.
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