Imitating nature の planted aquarium base 2



Imitating nature の planted aquarium base 2

Imitating nature の planted aquarium base 2 Indonesian Tiger(4) ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet
Original: Geroge Farmer
Compile: Erich Sia
Choose our fish
In the natural aquarium fish and plants the same as the protagonist only.Choose between the two must be considered with each other and provide aquascaping sense of balance.Many players actually planted tanks is to set up the weeds, waiting only add fish aquarium only after mature landscaping, possible algae fish is an exception.This approach allowed aquascaping who had to ensure that fish and plants and natural landscaping with each other.
We can change for the species of choice to decide scenery with plants.For example, a large group of single species to create a shock effect, in order to bring aquascaping one kind of simple and harmonious feeling.In contrast, using a variety of different species to balance a variety of aquatic plants, and the color change between the structure, it is very effective.Only fish swimming color and behavior are also important considerations.Brightly colored fish and dark background can only produce a strong contrast.Perhaps surprised for some people, it seems bland fish breeding only if a large group, it can be simple with pale background aquarium landscaping, producing stunning visual effects.Fast and lively fish swimming like spacious space, so we have to create the ideal environment in which they needed in the design of aquarium landscaping.We must remember that every kind of fish swimming depth or space in the aquarium, for example, is in the upper, middle or bottom-dwelling.Some species like sand mining and flip the end, so if you want to grow plants like carpet may need to be aware.One thing may sound mundane, but please do not buy the fish will feed on aquatic plants, although some hard texture of ficus plants, such as water or iron crown, and these fish can be kept together common.
Colorful and beautiful fish feeding points have effects on aquascaping.
Imitating nature の planted aquarium base 2 Indonesian Tiger(4) ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet
There is a very effective technique can make the aquarium actually looks bigger than it is to use a group of small fish.An additional advantage is less fish waste, pollution caused thereby rarely.2 six e.g.5 cm lamp fish excrement was generated, it will be far less than the catfish a 15 cm.You can also own research and see if it really.Remember when we buy our fish from the aquarium just come back often or fish rather than fully grown adult fish.Feeding capacity always want to be included in the maximum size of fish into consideration.Planted tanks density farming practices are very wise, I personally recommend every 4.5 liters of water no more than 2.5 cm fish.Ammonia (NH4) is the most important factor to induce algae, even using very effective biological filter, it is still very low concentrations occur, so only the less fish, the smaller the risk of algae explosion.Because our intention is to fish and aquatic plants while allowing only become the focus, the less fish only but look more attractive, but also to strengthen aquascaping visually appealing of.There is a saying sometimes it will hold less with more.
Aquascaping superb skill, then it will make the original bland fish produce stunning visual effects.
Imitating nature の planted aquarium base 2 Indonesian Tiger(4) ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The3sheet
High-tech or low-tech
This article when talking about technology and equipment, assume that you have already planted aquarium for some background knowledge, especially high-tech farming methods, such as nutrient-rich light, playing carbon dioxide, and water in the bed.For most of the aquascaping players, both prefer high-tech planted tanks, because in the use of light and thick fat, choose plants is no longer a limited factor.For many it is difficult to meet the very basic varieties, such as dwarf pearl and many natural aquarium equate, antlers moss submerged, and the big blinds stemmed plants such as the popular.In any case, to create low-tech, such as in low light and no carbon dioxide aquarium Aquarium in a beautiful landscape is still possible.Just remember that under such conditions, like most of the cultivated grass carpet-like outlook and other difficult species, it is more difficult, and often these plants are natural air aquarium landscaping of common materials.
Using a rich selection of high-tech varieties of plants when landscaping aquarium, is expected to achieve faster results.
Imitating nature の planted aquarium base 2 Indonesian Tiger(4) ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The4sheet
Not to plagiarize?
Suppose we already have all the right equipment and knowledge to succeed in the cultivation of plants, then we where to start our aquascaping it?Even if the final setting is probably not entirely consistent with our most original intent, to prepare a plan is still a good idea.Different growth rate of plants, the formation of various shape, structure and color.Most beyond our original expectations.Photos plant aquatic plants, as well as from a variety of books, magazines and aquascaping pictures on the site, and often our own aquarium looks significantly different.The vast number of variations due to the interaction between light and the like reactions, nutrition, water quality, temperature, and biochemical origin, involve differences dominated the aquarium environment can not be avoided.The actual photography may be misleading to some extent on the reader.
Copying another veteran beautiful aquarium landscaping landscaping aquarium, often into something not exactly the same thing with the original works.However, this practice is still regarded as a very useful method.Suitable aquatic plants, hardscape (rocks and driftwood, etc.) choice and composition will typically be used, then we ** balance through light, carbon dioxide and nutrients, then the success of aquascaping is at least to some extent can be reached.This is especially useful for beginners in terms of learning experience.Learned important lessons in the future will be able to confidence in the future also makes Aquascaping were able to create their own original works, these works is their favorite, and moreover also make their own greater fulfillment.
But by the King to "land" to the landscape by the King, after all, human beings appreciate landscapes, rather than true underwater landscape.
Imitating nature の planted aquarium base 2 Indonesian Tiger(4) ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The5sheet
Use of natural
Takashi Amano Master taught us to use as our natural aquascaping inspiration.Most of the people we all appreciate the beauty of nature, but not limited to typical wonders such as waterfalls and large mountains, but also appreciate the small things.For example, a small group of rocky streams can also provide us with regard to the composition of aquascaping valuable lesson.Size, shape and position of the rocks are all different, the position of the rock group is not symmetrical furnishings, and often there will be a attractive to our eyes big rock, which is the focal point (focal point) (will discuss in detail later).The same principle can also be applied in the arrangement of plants.In nature we often see the tall plant stands behind the little plants, and create a pleasant class effect, flora advantages can also create a focal point.All of these concepts can be applied to our natural aquarium landscaping, and get great results, this technique is called by the King (Shakkei) in Japan.
The beauty of nature is asymmetrical, and every rock of different sizes and shapes are also.
Imitating nature の planted aquarium base 2 Indonesian Tiger(4) ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The6sheet
It is important that we also have to remember that when we try to re-landscape, do not need to fully replicate a smaller version of the entire environment.This is not only impractical, especially in cramped aquarium, often unable to outline we are trying to convey the feeling of nature.Generally focused on the majority of the surrounding environment within small areas would be more effective, and use this to assist our aquarium landscape design.Key words here are "secondary" because we do not need to see the landscape exact copy, but to help guide us to use natural aquarium landscape composition.
"In your own aquarium to make fun of the natural landscape and modeling process is not the same.It is through our own sensitivity to nature and feel, rather than merely imitate or accurate reconstruction.On adapt aquarium landscaping design, using a variety of symbolic elements depict natural vision."
Excerpt from Takashi Amanos book "Taking our cue from nature" Aqua Journal No. 35.

Imitating nature の planted aquarium base 2 Indonesian Tiger(4) ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The7sheetto be continued.
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