What attractions next to Xinyu



What attractions next to Xinyu

Xinyu has a beautiful environment.The city is surrounded by mountains on three sides and water on one side. The Kongmu River and Yuan River pass around the city. There are boulder parks in the south, Yangtiangang Forest Park in the north, Kongmu River Wetland Park in Jiangxi Province, the only national wetland park in the east.Fairy Lake, a national key scenic spot and 4A-level tourist area, is dotted with Beihu Lake, Xianlai Lake, Changlin Lake, Nanhu Lake, and Wanjing Lake.The urbanization rate of Xinyu reached 51.2%, ranking in the forefront of the province.In accordance with the principle of “Xianshan, dew, and green”, Xinyu City skillfully made landscape articles, embarked on the water lifting project of Kongmu River and Yuan River, and accelerated the speed of Xianlai Avenue, Baoshi Avenue, Xiannv Lake Avenue, Yangtian Avenue, and Labor Road.Construction or renovation, construction of four green areas including Kongmu River National Wetland Park, Boulder Park, Yangtiangang Forest Park, and Economic Development Zone Municipal Plaza, and construction of Xinyu College and New Campus, People, Workers Cultural Palace, Library, and Natural Science MuseumSexual architecture.At present, the urban framework of Xinyu "one city, five districts, two rivers and four banks" has basically taken shape, with an urban area of 60 square kilometers and a population of 430,000.Xinyu is rich in resources. In the center of the Academy of Forestry Sciences, there are more than 30 rare and important tree species under national protection. The fairy lake of Yanbo, a clear and clear national key scenic spot, has a water area of 50 square kilometers and 99 large and small islands. It has archipelago gorge water, plant gene pools, three underwater ancient cities, water collection culture and fairy culture.In one body, the mountains and waters match each other, and the water and the sky are the same, so that people can fully appreciate the situation where Luoxia and the lone eagle fly together, and the autumn and the water are all the same. There are also a large number of natural and cultural landscapes such as Hongyang Ancient Cave, Changshan Ancient Temple, Yansong Wannian Bridge, Dagang Mountain, Baizhang Peak, Kuixing Pavilion, as well as the newly built Yuan Shuiyuan, Wuhu,Sun City, Yangtiangang Scenic Area, etc. Fairyland-Fairy Lake Xinyu has beautiful scenery, especially Fairy Lake has the most charm.The natural carving of hundreds of millions of years of ghosts and craftsmanship, the baptism of thousands of years of historical culture, and the development and construction of icing on the cake for many years have given Fairy Lake a beautiful face and the quality of golden jade.Confucius said: The wise man enjoys water, the benevolent Leshan.As for the fairy lake, the mountains are beautiful because of the water, and the mountains and rivers depend on each other, like dreams.Fairy Lake has a high status in Xinyu and is a tourist attraction in Xinyu. The back garden of Xinyu is regarded as a "cultural landmark" of Xinyu.Fairy Lake is located 16 kilometers southwest of Xinyu City. It is a lake-type scenic spot with rich water swimming resources in Jiangxi Province and a relatively successful development.In May 2002, the Fairy Lake Scenic Area in Jiangxi Province was included in the list of the fourth batch of national scenic spots with the approval of the State Council. The total area of the scenic area is 298 square kilometers, of which the water area is 50 square kilometers. 99 islands in the lake are dotted, the lake and the harbour are confusing, and there are many kinds of animals and plants. The forest coverage rate is 95%. There are 220 species, 765 genera, and more than 3000 types.National Headquarters 62.3%, there are 76 species of birds and beasts, and it has the largest gene pool with tree species in Asia. Fairy Lake has four distinct seasons and a very pleasant climate. The annual average temperature is 17℃ and the sunshine is 1677.In 4 hours, the rainfall is 1532 mm, the frost-free period is 265 days, and the relative temperature is 70%. It has rich natural and human landscape resources and historical and cultural connotations. Since its development in 1992, Fairy Lake has invested more than 100 million yuan, and has developed and built dozens of tourist attractions such as Bailu Mountain Villa, Longwang Temple, Hongyang Cave, Garden Villa, and Daijia Resort, attracting a large number of tourists every year.,Travel. Mengshan Mengshan is located between Shanggao, Xinyu and Fenyi counties, and is also close to Gaoan and Qingjiang counties.It is more than a hundred miles wide, and the highest Baiyun Peak is more than a thousand meters high. It is a big mountain in the middle of Jiangxi.Why is it called Mengshan?"Fang Yu Ji" said: Because this mountain is tall, there are many trees, and there are many flowing springs and waterfalls, in the places where cliffs and deep valleys are densely forested, there are often clouds and haunts, like a girl covered with a veil, looking vaguely dim,Therefore, it is prefixed with the word "Mongolian".Mengshan is a large mountain in Jiangxi province.The roots are hundreds of miles away, the men are powerful, and Gao Lingyunhan; the mountains are like fish scales, and they are charming, and they are like the blue waves of the sea, the forest is deep in the bore, the strange rock is Saga, the cave is exquisite, the spring is dingling winter.At its highest point, the scenery is particularly beautiful. Baiyunfeng, also known as Baiyunling and Baiyunnao, is the highest part of Mengshan Mountain.There, the mountains are steep and rocky, the trees are deep in the forest, and the sky is dark, and there are often mountains and clouds hanging around.When people enter their realm, it looks like a cloud, like a fog, floating, and trance, like a fairyland.Due to the cloudiness, some impermanence and some patriotic feelings appeared. The northeast foot of Baiyun Peak has a mountain called Danziling.Where does this name with a hint of gunpowder come from?It was said that when Yue Fei and Jun Ping settled Li Chengs rebellious garrison here, they fired a bomb and flew over Mengshan, hence the name.It was in this billiard ridge that Yue Fei left an adult foal when Li Fei defeated Li Cheng and left.Because it was the Shenqi left by Yue Fei, people generally couldnt see it. When they got there, they only heard the hoof, Xiao Xiao hissed.The greedy landlord Hao Shen Jie, who always wants to get this god horse, often sends dog legs to watch the whereabouts.One day, I finally saw them. The horse hair was fat, white as silver, and was grazing leisurely on the mountainside.As soon as the news reached the gentry, Coke blossomed, and all ran like a hungry wolf chasing sheep.However, when their greedy black hand was approaching the horse, the horse raised its hoof and leaped towards Baiyun Peak. The white horse and Baiyun merged into one, and the landlord and the gentry gave a happy air.Since then, the horse no longer went down the mountain, often in Baiyun Peak, accompanied by blossoming white clouds, haunting, flying, floating. 历史古迹---万年桥 万年桥,

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全长384米,通宽7.68米,是一座拥有11孔The large stone arch bridge is also the main passageway from Gubei Yicheng to the south. In the thirty-five years of Jiajing (1556), the Ming army entered the Japanese pirates and won a major victory. The heads of the pirates were arrested one after another.Taking advantage of this festive atmosphere, Fenyi people sent a letter to their father, Yan Song through Yan Shifan, confessed to the inconvenience caused by the frequent damage to the ancient ferry bridge in Qingyuan, east of the city, and requested to be converted into a stone arch bridge.Yan Song promised that while sending Yan Shifan back to Fenyi, he selected the bridge site to the east of Shidu in Qingyuan; on the other hand, he went to Jiangsu and Zhejiang to inspect the bridge type, hired craftsmen, purchased stone materials, and shipped it to Zhangshu with a big boat, and then returned to Yuanheshould.The entire project began in September of that year and was completed in June of the following year.Consume more than 20,000 silver. After the completion of the new bridge, it was named Wannian Bridge.According to Yan Songs "The Story of Wannian Bridge in Fenyi County": "Si Qiao said: "Wannian Bridge" with the grace of never forgetting the Son of Heaven, and wishing Wanshou and heaven and earth to be endless!From a structural point of view, Wannian Bridge can be divided into three parts: face, body and base.The bridge base is composed of 10 bridge piers built of thousands of rocks, each of which is embedded with rough-styled water-absorbing beasts.从桥墩迎水面呈锥状尖挺的分水金刚雁翅墩,既奇伟 挺拔,予人以艺术上的审美悦感;又分滔析浪,减缓了河水的冲力,巧妙地发挥了桥基的The self-protection function allows Qiaoxiu to experience 433 spring and autumn ups and downs without fail.The bridge deck is wide and flat, covered with large blue stone slabs, the two wings are protected by stone railings interlocking with the guard column and the railings, the railings are cut with rare birds and monsters, and exotic flowers and weeds.It is exactly opposite to the back of the two pairs of stone lions at the bridge head, and there is a stone carving bixi (about legendary turtle stone) about 500 steps north of the bridge.According to legend, Longsheng has nine sons, one of which is called bixi, which looks like a turtle, very powerful, and bears a lot of weight.In the old days, the stone seats of large stone steles were often carved into the shape of bixi) carrying the monument of Wannian Bridge in Fenyi County with a height of 2 meters, a width of 1 meter and a thickness of 0.3 meters. Thirteen years of Qing Shunzhi (1656), Yan Songs great-grandson-joined General Yan Yuncong to rebuild the monument.In the seventh year of Qianlong (1742), the stone fence on the east side of the bridge was tilted, and the bridge was rebuilt under the surname of Yan.In 1921, the third hole was rebuilt in Fenyi County.In 1946, more than half of the fourth pier collapsed in the south of the bridge, and the county council allocated 1 million yuan to repair it.The Jiangkou Reservoir was built in 1958, and the new site of Fenyi County was moved. Wannianqiao was inundated with the old county!Later, for the convenience of surveying or navigation, some people exploded the central arch with a span of 14.4 meters.It is gratifying that: in the dry season, the long body of Wannian Bridge completely protrudes out of the water. This kind of mirage-like wonder, this tragic beauty of incompleteness, makes it a tourist resort!On November 17, 1988, foreign scholars who attended the "Yan Song and Ming Dynasty Political Academic Symposium" visited Wannianqiao with their fame.As a part of it, the author was also fortunate enough to feast his eyes.Scholars are in groups of three or five, whispering words; or walking alone at the bridgehead, relying on the hurdles of the fence, it seems that they are expressing the nostalgic feelings in their hearts in different ways, and recalling the dusty dreams of it and its builders! Dagangshan Waterfall Dagangshan is a branch of Wugong Mountain. It comes from Yichun, and the terrain slopes from west to east.In the Ming Dynasty, Minister Huang Zichengs "Dagangshan Ji" wrote: The south of Qianyang is about seventy miles away from the city (referring to the old county town, in the lake of Qianyang in the current Jiangkou Reservoir), and there is Dagang Mountain.The mountains are high and the four counties (referred to as Ancheng, Yuanzhou, Jizhou, and Linjiang) are accumulated.From the perspective of Dengzhi, Yuan, Jizhuyi, Xian, and Guanpan, Cui Wei of the mountain rose up, the peaks were scattered, and the cave was in the middle, only more than ten feet, and it gathered many parties and it was difficult to enumerate.When the arch is above the former, the Guanyin sits on the lotus, while the Zhaipan Mountain, the hanging wall cave, and the Lei fall are surprising; when gathered around the latter, the Liangyu Peak is also, while the Shiniuling and the waterfall spring are beautiful.Going down slowly, Xianggongtan has its currents, and Lion Rock is its town. The stalagmites are in the sky, and the pine is prone to the ground. According to legend, it is called the Optimus Prime, and the Baoshi Songsheng will not reduce Tianzhu.In the Western Jin Dynasty, there was Master Fu Hu who flew to Xiuzi and built a temple named Guangqing.For more than a thousand years now, the historical site Qiu Xus "Chuan Deng Lu" contains the trace of Beigang.Although Yuan Xiu said that it was not the case.The rest of his life is too late, and he will not be able to practice Zen wisdom.Fortunately, when I went to Lixu, I had to learn about his victory, trace its origins, and record his legacy.If the figures pass, and there are also Luji in the Western Jin Dynasty, Zhuo Xingru Fuhu, Xuanfa Zen, continue to recruit, then the spread of this matter, Fang and Ooka will stay in the cloud. 《记》中所说的观音坐莲、斋盘山、挂壁洞、狮子岩、瀑布泉、石笋、岩穴诸 胜景俱在,因星移物换,有的只是换了名谓,同时也增加了Some new tour ideas.In order to watch the Guanyin sitting lotus hanging rock and the surrounding scenery, between the two stones on the rock, an arched, jade belt-like stone flyover was artificially built.《大岗山记》以后也成了观音岩前的一个景点,好事者将它全文镌刻在 一万高一点六五米、宽零点七四米的青石板上,同时附上观音岩诗:“观音俨似坐 莲台,为问几时手自栽?Sitting on a thousand flowers and thousands of worlds, Bonbon is always here."The stele remains, standing at the southern end of the overpass, attracting drunken wind and cloud guests."The overpass has been decadent since 1981, and now only half of it is left, like the overpass in Lushans Splendid Valley, only on a smaller scale. 孔目江湿地公园 孔目江湿地公园占地约30000亩,依托新余的母亲河———孔目江,有河滩湿地8000余亩,水田湿地3000~4000余亩,其间水网密集,各种Rich animal and plant resources.Relying on the superior wetland ecological environment, taking protection as the premise, focusing on reconstruction, featuring wetland scenery, reservoir scenery and rural scenery, through the development of reservoir tourism, leisure and entertainment, wetland recreation and farming experience and other tourism projects, the parkConstructing a suburban ecological wetland park that beautifies the city and purifies the water source has become Xinyus "green kidney". Yangtiangang Forest Park The total area of Yangtiangang Forest Park 6.7 square kilometers.Yang Tiangangs real name was Yang Gang and Yang Shan. After the Northern Song Dynasty, Yu Yu, a child, Huang Xizhan once appeared to help the country, and he retired from the gold soldiers.Yangtiangang.The mountains here are ups and downs, heavy love for the folds, lush forests, picturesque green bamboos, secluded valleys, rocky rocks, jigsaw ridges, lion life, a door, writing cap stones and other clever and wonderful natural landscapes.The main peak is Liang Shannao, which is 450 meters above sea level.Standing on the top, overlooking the majestic city with tall buildings and streets, and overlooking the idyllic scenery of rice fragrance, rivers and rivers, there is a lonely peak, and you can watch the sense of change.The peak has the Yanggang Temple ruins that were built in Tang Dynasty and rebuilt in Ming Dynasty. Now, in order to develop tourism resources, the Yanggang Temple has been rebuilt. The newly built Yanggang Temple is auspicious and misty, and it is located in the south and north.It has become a major tourist attraction in Yangtiangang Forest Park.In order to better enrich the inner culture of Yangtiangang, Chongqing Temple was successfully relocated in the foothills of Yangtiangang in 1999.Especially after the completion of the first phase project of Chongqing Temple-Jushilin, it attracted tourists and Buddhist believers from Nanchang, Yichun, Pingxiang and other places to visit and do buddhas. It received thousands of people every day during the peak period.In October 2000, a two-kilometer-long, 6-meter-wide asphalt road was built. This road is like a green gauze belt connecting Yangtian Avenue and Yangtiangang Forest Park in a harmonious manner, which is a powerful tool for the effective development of Yangtiangang.wing. Boulder Park The Boulder Park, built to commemorate Xin Baos master of traditional Chinese painting, Boulder, is located at Longhu Mountain on the west end of Xinyu Jianshe Road, covering an area of 29.13 hectares.This is the first park in China named after an artist.It is one of the key cultural facilities in Jiangxi Province. The design and layout of the park strives to reflect the artistic style of Mr. Fu Baoshis "Yangchun Baixue" style. The Fu Baoshi Exhibition Hall, Dongdaemun Gate, South Gate, Qinfeng Tower, Zuibi Tower, Baoshi Lake, Shuangting Water Outlet and Water PavilionStone, curved corridor evening light, Jianshiguan, Sanxiao Bridge, Red Rain Bridge, Childrens Paradise, Inviting Moon Pavilion, Liufang Pavilion, Gaofeng Pavilion, Guanyuchi, Flower Garden Room, Yangde Pavilion, Tingtao Pavilion, Yiting Pavilion, Bihai Songtao, YiPeak towers and other attractions and five-kilometer walking trails.


What attractions next to Xinyu Galaxy P14 Stingray
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