Dajin Xiaojin walked all the way

The price of the two fish blood reminds you, fish meal, dont care about the money, buy AC and DC air pumps, Sai Weng loses his mind.
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
:べ.Zhen Comment: Whats wrong with power outages?
13828201605 Comment: Unfortunately, both dragons are good
ghao040427 Comment: Poorsorrowfarewell
Dont run small fish Comments: Normally the oxygen content of the fish tank is too high, and suddenly the lack of oxygen is not suitable.
ミ∩_∩尛俿 Comment:
ミ∩_∩尛俿 Comment:
ミ∩_∩尛俿 Comment:
Ah Shui 8866 Comment: AC and DC should always be on standby
阿水8866 Comment: This is a power outage
jinxin0010 Comment: What a pity

Dajin Xiaojin walked all the way Colorful Arowagolden arowana sandalwoodna
Ju Quanyu: good
Ju Quanyu: beautiful


4x2x2 1-tier

Mcdonald up size

Hikari food sticks 250grams 22$ (x4)

Golden Dorado and Vatf

scanner for arowana needed


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