Queen"s Sail Open the tank for 14 days and hope to become a scene soonDwarf pearls crawl so slowly



Queen"s Sail Open the tank for 14 days and hope to become a scene soonDwarf pearls crawl so slowly

Open the tank for 14 days, and hope to become a scene soon.Dwarf pearls crawl so slowly.
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
Chunze Waterscape Comments: Japanese dwarf pearl leaves are shorter than mini, probably green beans, and mini dwarf pearl leaves are only sesame.Mini is relatively dense
Yang Yongxing Comment: Baidu, brother, I cant tell
Flying hard Comments: What is the difference between Japanese dwarf pearls and mini dwarfs? Arent they all creeping?Are there any requirements for the environment
____ Long love. Comment: Looking forward to becoming a king~~~~~~~~~~~~
Yang Yongxing Comment: Baolong T5? ?4 tubes, isnt 24*4 enough?
13881362687 Comment: If you want to raise cattle hair and dwarf pearls in a zone, you can insert a ceramic piece under the mud to prevent the cattle hair and dwarf pearls from intersecting each other.
13881362687 Comment: It is not a matter of time, but the intensity of light is not enough.
Yang Yongxing Comment: Well, I open eight points a day
13881362687 Comment: Your light is small, the cow hair is taller, and you are still adjusting to the ground.
vicoho Comment: Stop by and see the previous reply
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