Galaxy P14 Stingray Precautions for using EM bacteria



Galaxy P14 Stingray Precautions for using EM bacteria

EM use matters needing attention:

  1. The EM probiotic is a brown translucent liquid with a slightly acidic and sweet aroma. You must pay attention to the odor when you open the bottle.If it is deteriorated, it cannot be used. It is normal if the bottom of the container is slightly cloudy and a small amount of white substance floats on the top.The cap should be closed tightly after use to keep the seal tight.

  2. EM probiotics should be stored in a cool place away from light. The suitable temperature is 5℃-45℃. Beyond this temperature, the viability of some strains will be affected. The dosage should be increased appropriately.The shelf life of EM probiotics is 18 months. If it is kept well (unopened or without odor), it can still be used after 18 months, but the activity is reduced, and the dosage should be increased appropriately.

  3. Cannot be used with antibiotics or pesticides at the same time, and do not use pesticide-contained utensils to hold EM probiotics. The interval between the disinfectant and the external pond must be more than 3 days to avoid affecting the use effect.

  4. The clean water used when using EM probiotics must be clean well water or river water. Because tap water contains bleach, it must be left for one day and night before it can be used.

  5. After using EM probiotics for 12 hours, please pay attention to the dissolved oxygen in the pond, which is lower than 3.5mg/l should open the aerator in time to prevent the phenomenon of hypoxia floating head.

  Even if the genuine EM bacteria are used in excess, it will not have a great impact on the fish pond. If it is a fake product, it may cause aquatic hypoxia.On the one hand, beneficial microorganisms of EM bacteria can digest and degrade harmful substances such as ammonia-nitrogen, nitrosate, sulfide-hydrogen, etc. on the one hand, and on the other hand, long-term use of beneficial bacteria of EM bacteria can suppress harmful substances after forming an advantage in water.Bacteria, reduce the occurrence of fish and shrimp diseases, and reduce the impact of chemical drugs on the ecological environment of water bodies.

Galaxy P14 Stingray Precautions for using EM bacteria Mermaid with one eyebrow

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  Era Yuyou said: It can only temporarily degrade ammonia nitrogen and nitrite, which can relieve the acute poisoning of fish. It is similar to VC. I think that it is more effective for feeding fish than feeding it into the tank.It used to be poured into the tank, but it is not much used now. Add a few pieces of VC to the filter tank at most.
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