Farewell to Han Yunsi and Yunda Mall are about to be demolished



Farewell to Han Yunsi and Yunda Mall are about to be demolished

Please strictly implement the capital construction procedures and relevant national laws and regulations, strengthen organizational leadership and project management, and pay close attention to the preliminary work of the project. The feasibility study report should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the national feasibility study. The construction scale, content, standards, investment, and social stability risksFurther deepen the argument, such as evaluation, fully demonstrate the fund raising plan, effectively suppress the construction of projects that do not have the ability to repay, supervise and implement the sources of funds and repayment responsibilities according to law, clarify the sources of funds, formulate a salary balance plan, and complete the feasibility report.Report to our committee for approval.(Hanzhong City Development and Reform Commission) Return to Sohu to see more


Farewell to Han Yunsi and Yunda Mall are about to be demolished Asian Arowana

  Under the premise of conforming to the overall urban planning, the project construction site starts from the red line on the west side of Tianhan Avenue in the east, Xinxing Street in the west, Hutouqiao Road in the south, and Qianjin West Road in the north.

  The companys "Report on the Approval of the Proposal on the Reconstruction Project of the Hantai District Hanyun Division and the Yunda Mall Area Shack Area" (Hancheng Chengtou Zizi[2018]No. 129) was received.根据市政府《关于实施《中心城区城市棚户区改造项目有关事项的批复》(汉政函〔2017〕56号)、省建设厅 财政厅《关于下达2018年城市棚户区改造(第三批)项目Notice of the Plan” (Shaan Jianfa[2018]No. 82) and the “Regarding Hanshan District Hanyun District and Yunda Mall Area Shanty Town Renovation Projects of Hanzhong City Shanty Town Renovation Headquarters Office” are pre-listed in the Hanzhong City Shanty Town Renovation Project"Response" (Hanshi Pengbanfa[2018]No. 7), after review and research, agreed to construct the Hantai District Hanyun Division and Yunda Mall area shantytown renovation project, now the relevant contents of the project proposal are approved as follows:

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