Long finned aro

even if real i wont buy it
an arowana must have an aura of majestical feel, a king, a ME, an Alpha n being the beast in the tank
but this kinda long fin is making it looks a sissy and more like a half dead betta。。。
Even if it cost $$$$ and super rare - i will pass
Gimme the real king n not a wimp
>Haha agreed just that first time see this ";aro";
>This is distasteful。 weird, look at a gigantic betta
>it looks photoshopped esp from the doral n pectoral fins
>look like it have been edited or photoshopped
>Saw this before on the Web or fourm many year ago。。。Think it more for marketing purpose。 。as many would say nice but no buy。。
>Maybe photoshop with veiltail betta now that you say bro paradize,Long finned aro really look photoshop at the fins
>I have seen the video of this aro hes always on the bottom of the tank and not quite active。。 I rather get a pure breed aro than a chemical injected aro
>Originally Posted by Bettafever This is distasteful。 weird, look at a gigantic betta I tot was a betta at first glance HAHA。
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    Long finned aro
    2020-04-29 01:55:43 Contents
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    Long finned aro
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