Precautions for different concentrations of salt bath



Precautions for different concentrations of salt bath

Different concentrations of salt bath

  Here is some different concentrations of salt bath to the effect and harm of fish, and some precautions:

  1,0.5% salt bath.This concentration and the osmotic pressure of the goldfish itself can make goldfish feel comfortable, save physical strength to deal with the disorders such as infection, trauma, promote the metabolism of goldfish, and promote growth.But this concentration is hardly cured.

  2,0.6 ~ 0.8% salt bath.The most commonly used concentration is 0.8%, you can do a long time, fit the drug, huh, huh.Some times.This concentration is recommended.

  3, 1.5 ~ 2% salt bath.This concentration can be strongly sterilized.Medicinal bath time should be grasped within 30 minutes.

  4,5% salt bath.The concentration of the sea water is 3%, this concentration is what case everyone knows.It is said that it cannot exceed 90 seconds.If you have a fish friends who plan to marinate salted fish, you can try more than 90 seconds.

  Summary: salt and drugs are simultaneously launched, and the salt is adjusted to penetrate pressure. On the one hand, it has enhanced the efficacy. On the one hand, the bacteria first dehydrated death, and the goldfish has the ability to regulate osmosis, and can persist for a period of time (depending on the concentration of salt, this timeThe length is also different), reaching the role of sterilization.

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Precautions for different concentrations of salt bath tropical fish


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