Growing arhat spare water arhat fish



Growing arhat spare water arhat fish

I changed a big tank but there is no spare water, what should I do?
========Comments of Xianglong aquarium joining Yuyou =====
Drift around Comment: Use the water in the original tank not enough to add a few minutes to add the new tank water in place.Do not wash the cotton and filter material of the old tank in the new tank.
Fund loan @艾特我 Comment: Is the nitrifying bacteria and temperature rising during the process of oxygen explosion?How much do nitrifying bacteria need to be?60 length 45 width 45 height cylinder
Zuge Comment: Yes, the temperature should rise up to about 28 degrees, put some nitrifying bacteria, explode oxygen
Zu Ge Comment: Its enough to cross the water
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Earthquake (7.7) in BC .....

Indian friends officially joined the sianlon fish farm

180 Gallon @ tier Stand Sump = $550.00

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My LAO HORs.....


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