Silverfish Dont worry about the Yuxi tutorial Its really okay if the PH and KH are lower



Silverfish Dont worry about the Yuxi tutorial Its really okay if the PH and KH are lower

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  Immediately above, today we will talk about PH, KH, Ca/Mg/Sr/K







Silverfish Dont worry about the Yuxi tutorial Its really okay if the PH and KH are lower fishbowl ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet





   Please keep the daily PH within this range.Occasionally the PH is slightly lower (such as PH7 at night.7) There is no problem at all.




   PH is currently known to have little effect on corals (unless your pH is extremely low, such as below 7.6).Even the SPS in the test showed that it was very adaptable to the lower pH.





   But fish will be affected by PH.Some diseases and parasites are also affected by PH.Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a reasonable PH.




   I found that many novices are particularly tangled with PH, and they simply fall into the PH misunderstanding.




   Some PH7.Fish friends around 9, will do everything possible to raise the PH to 8.3, because everyone thinks this is an ideal value.But often overlooked: stability is more important than ideal.




   Long-term stable PH7.9, far faster than you because you are eager to achieve success, and referred to PH in a short time 8.3 is better.Regardless of any creature, stability is the foundation of everything.


Silverfish Dont worry about the Yuxi tutorial Its really okay if the PH and KH are lower fishbowl ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet
Silverfish Dont worry about the Yuxi tutorial Its really okay if the PH and KH are lower fishbowl ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The3sheet


  =(Comments on alliance Sianlon Arowana Aquatic friends)=

  Breeze Cocoon Say: Whats more, some novices use additives in the process of raising the pH.If the PH is not in place, KH will exceed the standard, and the harm is far greater than the benefit.




  So, what should you do if your PH is low?




  1. If the PH is slightly lower





  If your PH is not severely low, but only 7.8-7.9. Slightly lower, you dont have to worry about it.This is also within a reasonable range.At night due to the respiration of plants, the PH will be lower than during the day, such as 7.7. This is normal.You dont have to be able to improve.

Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: 2. If the PH is severely low





  If your PH is below 7.7. Then you really need to think of a way.





  But dont panic, dont worry, dont go crazy looking for additives as soon as you see a low pH.





  You must first analyze what is the reason for the low pH, and then break it from the source.





  Its like if you have a headache, the first thing is not to take painkillers, but to find the cause of the headache.Did you sleep well?High blood pressure?What other diseases?





  Only by solving the source thoroughly can we avoid another headache.





  PH additives are like painkillers, which can be solved in a short time, but if you cant find the real cause of low pH, soon, your PH will drop again.



  What are the reasons for the low PH?What should I do?





  We talk about the day after tomorrow~ (Dont hit me, there are too many words, you need to write another article)


Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: On the contrary, some friends may have a slightly higher PH, such as 8.4-8.5.This slight high is like a slight low, no problem, as long as it is stable, it is an ideal environment for corals.










  KH has a very large impact on corals.Just like PH, it doesnt matter if its lower, and a long-term 6-7 KH is also ideal.




  However, it must not always fluctuate.




  The blind use of additives and a certain amount of water change will cause KH to fluctuate greatly, which is very harmful to corals.Severe can cause corals to lose bone.I have met many novices, because of the large amount of water change (such as red mud in the tank), resulting in examples of coral deboning such as hammers and frisbees.

Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: Another point, please use salt as much as possible.Why do you say that?The main reason is not that the poor salt KH is too low.It is poor salt because of different production batches. Although it is the same brand, KH fluctuates greatly.





  The new water you exchanged this time, and the new water you exchanged next time, KH is likely to be very different.Then the KH fluctuation caused by your water change is inevitable.




  The salt I used myself, the KH of different batches is at 5.5-6.Between 6, this fluctuation range is completely acceptable.But there are some bad salts. I have seen the most extreme one. For the same brand, due to different production batches, the KH is at least 5 and up to 12.






  If it is time to change the water frequently, this fluctuation is really fatal.





  One more thing to note here is the excessive use of ATS.




  The rate at which the lower algae consumes elements is amazing. When you open the ATS 24h a day, it consumes KH in a large amount while efficiently absorbing NO3.





  So if you are very dependent on ATS, please measure your KH diligently. If it is too low or the daily change is too large, you need to add it in time.Sodium bicarbonate can be added manually, or using titration.


  In the same way, I will soon publish an article on how to manually add analytical pure ~

Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: Among corals, KH are more sensitive to:






  There is no doubt that KH instability will cause problems such as SPS peeling.






  2- Various LPS with bone



  For example, hammers, match heads, flying discs, etc., LPS with bones are still relatively sensitive to KH, and KH mutations can easily cause them to deboned.Especially hammers and frisbees.




  3- leather



  Although leather has no bones, it is also more sensitive to KH. If your leather is not open well or is in an unstable state, if you rule out lighting and water flow, then KH is your first incentive.

Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: Ca, Mg, Sr, K




  Generally speaking, the ratio of the three elements Ca, Mg, and Sr consumed by corals is 97:2:1.




  These three are not unimportant, but for novices, it is a bit complicated to pay attention to these three as soon as you come up.




  ——If you dont even control the basic NO3 and temperature, you can ignore these three first.



  ——If you have raised well and want to go upstairs, then these elements cannot be avoided.










  Needless to say, the most basic element of coral bone making.But like other elements, Ca is lower rather than higher.Especially when Mg is not high, high Ca will cause precipitation.








  It can be maintained at more than three times calcium.If the Mg is lower than three times Ca, you will find that there is white Ca precipitation on the water level line of the cylinder wall, which cannot be wiped off by ordinary cylinders.




  The concentration of Mg determines the maximum concentration of Ca. Is it incomprehensible?

Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: This means that if the Mg concentration is not high, the Ca concentration is difficult to increase-even if you add a lot of Ca to the tank, it will not only dissolve, but will precipitate out and produce precipitation.





  Only when the Mg concentration is sufficient will the Ca you add to the tank not precipitate, but dissolve in water and become really useful calcium ions.










  You dont need to pay attention to Sr in the early stage, but if you cultivate it and find that SPS breaks with a light touch, then it is likely that Sr is missing (all tears).








  A reasonable value is around 400, the same reason, a lower value does not matter, but dont suddenly increase.The significance of K is mainly in the color of SPS, and it has little significance for LPS.




  Regarding this part of the problem, when I write titration in the future, I will write an article.




  P.S.Add a sentence.If you have a lot of higher algae in your tank, or ATS, then Mg and Kh will drop extremely fast.Algae is a major consumer of elements, a large amount of algae will make you tired to increase titration.So if your NO3 can be easily controlled at a reasonable value, do not use excessive amounts of algae.



  The water quality parameters are now written. Can you see the essence of these two articles?




  Thats what I said so many times:




  "Students, it doesnt matter if the value is lower, but dont use additives indiscriminately!"

Yuyou Breeze Cocoon Say: Transferred from the public account "Sea of Yuxi"

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