Outdoor new pool enters the tank fish



Outdoor new pool enters the tank fish

ddd520 Comment: Local tyrants are different, envious, I am to save money, even the fish tank has to stick

  Dry Mountain qq Comment: Beautiful, praise one.

  Dry Mountain qq comment: If there is water flowing to the stone wall, you can attach some small calamus to the wall, such as money, golden ji, tiger beard.

Outdoor new pool enters the tank fish Golden Catfish

  Dawn light weixin0003 comment: beautiful

  sh_zhaoxp Comment: What is the use of sand?

  ======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====

  Dry Mountain qq comment: If your climate permits, you can also refer to the rainforest model landscape wall to try.

  I have finished spraying the wall with glacial acetic acid for one week, changing the tap water pool for one week, and changing the water to stand for one week.Start pumping, four systems to raise water, one is the filter box, the second is the wall head plant sink plus volcanic stone wall flooding and oxygenation, the third is the rainwater overflowing and changing the water, and the fourth is changing the quarter water every week.14 square meters deep and 90 centimeters, two thirds are covered by wooden platforms and stone bridges.A ton of river sand was laid at the bottom, 50 pieces of 5 cm grass gold, 50 pieces of 8 cm loach, 50 pieces of snail, 3 pieces of 15 cm scavenger.Chlorella powder water is scattered in the whole pool, and 200 kg of EM bacteria water.Plant sink two slots copper grass, two slots green dill, two slots calamus, one slot lotus.Are there any optimization suggestions?In addition, how long is it appropriate to enter the fish koi?Sunac Yihe Garden (under construction)

  Dry Mountain qq Comment: I played with bonsai. I flattened the root of the calamus and attached it to the stone, and then covered the root with moss on the tray. Keep it moist to survive.You can consider the places where the stones on the wall are more prominent or the grooves with larger grooves, plant some to embellish the stone wall, the three common varieties of calamus on the Internet are also very cheap, or you can use the existing calamus directly to plantIn the grooves on the wall, the calamus is easy to survive as long as it is moist and ventilated. The self-growing fern may not necessarily look good when grown up, and it means that it is not as good as the calamus.

  Sprinkle a bed of snow white Comments: Planted with dwarf calamus, plugged with small pieces of lichen and volcanic stone, I hope one or two plants can take root and survive.

  Dapeng Qinyu Comment: I think filtering is complicated, and everything is used. No more tossing, just wait for the fish.

  Happy rVfi every day Comments: Looking forward to the stay of Yuer!
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