Little fish How to raise six juvenile fish in Burundi



Little fish How to raise six juvenile fish in Burundi

The size of the aquarium used for breeding six fish in Burundi should be about 2 meters long, and the container should not be too small.Choose a better filtration system to ensure a higher oxygen content in the water.

  The six fish in Burundi are mainly produced in Burundi. It is a tropical fish, also known as the Crown Six.Common six fishes in Burundi are black vertical stripes and white vertical stripes, and other species are blue vertical stripes and white vertical stripes.The forehead of a male fish is a goose head with rounded protrusions, which is very different from that of a female and all are easy to distinguish.Today I will share:

  Six fish in Burundi have high requirements on the pH of the water, and the PH value should be 7.5-8.Between 5, otherwise it is easy to cause the death of six fish in Burundi.It likes the water quality of alkaline environment.

  The water exchange for the six fish in Burundi does not need to be too frequent. It is sufficient to change the water every 5 days, and each time the water needs to be changed in a small amount, only one quarter of the original water volume can be changed, otherwise the water quality will change too much.Fish are not easy to adapt.The specific time interval for changing the water depends on the specific situation. If the water quality is too bad, it should be changed.

  Six fish in Burundi are easily infected with bacteria, so do not feed live food during normal feeding, because the internal organs in live food contain a lot of bacteria, which is easy to cause infection in six fish in Burundi.

Little fish How to raise six juvenile fish in Burundi The bloody dragon

  The water temperature for breeding six fish in Burundi is around 25°C, with a difference of about 3 degrees.Water hardness should also be controlled at 15-23 degrees.The wild living environment of six fish in Burundi is in deep water, which is relatively dark, so we should try our best to be close to its wild environment when breeding, and the light should not be too bright.

  The six fish in Burundi are not suitable for polyculture with other fish species, and it is also beautiful to raise the same fish species together.If you really want to polyculture, you should also choose the softer species of polyculture in the lower fish.
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