Guangdong Yunfu Black Jacket Polyurethane Insulation Steel Pipe Manufacturer Price



Guangdong Yunfu Black Jacket Polyurethane Insulation Steel Pipe Manufacturer Price

Polyethylene direct-buried thermal insulation steel pipe manufacturer manufactures prefabricated direct-buried polyurethane thermal insulation steel pipe Ningguo polyurethane thermal insulation shell: used for thermal insulation and cold insulation of various indoor and outdoor pipes, air conditioning pipes, chemical industry, and other industrial pipes.Thick-walled polyurethane thermal insulation steel pipe has become a relatively mature and advanced technology in some foreign countries.In the past ten years, my countrys heating engineering technicians have been digesting and absorbing this advanced technology, which is pushing the domestic pipe network laying technology to a higher level. Some developed countries have become a relatively mature advanced technology.Our companys direct buried insulation pipeline products have various specifications, and can produce related supporting fittings and installation accessories as well as internal fixation, drainage system, tee, elbow, and moisture drainage system used in direct buried pipelines.The steel sleeve steel directly buried steam insulation tube adopts a unique internal fixation structure. The three-layer steel flange and the two-layer asbestos flange are used to maintain the relative fixation between the inner and outer steel pipes. The high-temperature insulation material effectively prevents the generation of thermal bridges.reinforced-concrete structure.The relative fixation of the inner and outer steel flanges can bear a sufficiently large axial thrust according to the design requirements, which can fully guarantee the safe operation of the entire pipeline.

  Polyurethane thermal insulation pipeline, full name: high-density polyethylene plastic sheathed polyurethane foam prefabricated direct buried thermal insulation pipeline, which is composed of working steel pipe conveying medium, polyethylene plastic sheath, and polyurethane thermal insulation layer, which are combined by equipment.Polyurethane insulation pipes are cheap, with an outer diameter of 285 mm and a wall thickness of 4.4 mm, allowable deviation ±0.32, weight 3.724 kg, corresponding to the thickness of the insulation layer 30 mm, corresponding to the outer diameter of the steel tube 219 mm, corresponding to the sleeve 290 mm and other specifications.It has anti-corrosion, safety, less land occupation, fast construction, energy saving, good insulation performance, reduced project cost, long service life, and is conducive to environmental protection.Therefore, when selecting pipes, the fatigue resistance should be considered.This requires the selection of materials with better plasticity and easy welding. Generally, 10# and 20# steel types are more suitable.The axial temperature stress is independent of the cross-sectional area of the pipe wall. Increasing the wall thickness does not reduce the axial stress in the pipe wall.On the contrary, it may increase the thrust to the fixed pier and the thermal elongation of the transition section.Therefore, the pipe wall should be as thin as possible.In actual projects, sometimes due to the supply conditions, the same diameter of the pipe may have more than two specifications.At this time, care should be taken to avoid mixing of pipes of different specifications.

  The service life of prefabricated polyurethane direct buried insulation pipe can reach more than 50 years, which is 3 to 4 times longer than that of traditional trench laying and overhead laying.4.It occupies less land and the construction is fast, which is beneficial to environmental protection and reduces disturbance to the people.Directly-buried heating pipelines do not require the construction of huge trenches, but only need to bury the insulation pipes underground. Therefore, the project footprint is greatly reduced, the amount of earthwork excavation is reduced by more than 50%, and the amount of civil masonry and concrete is reduced by 90%.At the same time, the insulation pipe processing and on-site trenching are carried out in parallel, and only on-site joints are needed, which can greatly shorten the construction period.As the transportation of bricks, cement, sand and gravel, waste soil, etc. is reduced, the vehicle exhaust emissions, dust emission, and noise emissions during construction are reduced, thereby protecting the environment.At present, prefabricated polyurethane direct-insulated insulation pipes manufactured outside of China are all equipped with a leakage line. Once leakage occurs somewhere in the pipeline, the exact location of the leakage and leakage of the insulation pipeline can be displayed on the special detection instrument through the conduction of the lineAnd the degree of leakage.In order to inform the inspector to quickly deal with the leaking pipe section, to ensure the safe operation of the heating network.The domestically produced insulation pipes are currently not equipped with a leakage line, and this gap needs to be filled.


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