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Sorry I have tried Butterfly carp
Crown edema black and white, I have tried every way to help treat it, it is very strong.Treatment five days it is with the last or give me goodbye [cahan]
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Long summit as early as possible aquarists say: no more fish you how so hey leather?Who is this not the background music
Longer obediently fish lovers say: according to reason clearly enough.
Friends of raising water mermaid said: yearning for freedom Stingray
Red parrot fish always bite other fish%
Can parrot fish and stingray be raised together?"
How to deal with parrot fish biting fish$
Stingray and parrotfish can"t be mixed/
How to deal with fish being bitten%
How long does the stingray bite recover
Is the stingray a devil fish$
Is the stingray bitten by a parrot?:
Map fish bite parrot fish how to do!
How to raise ingot fish is not easy to die,



Amaaquatic industries leander txzing

Loach Fever!!!

Albino Silver Arowana

Asian arow with Scatophagus Argus ?


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    Can albino silverfish bite fish~