24k Golden Arowana How to clean moss in fish tank



24k Golden Arowana How to clean moss in fish tank

After a few days, brown moss and moss will grow in the fish tank. I use clean cotton cloth to wipe it out and filter the circulating water. The fish is still not taken out in the fish tank. Is this possible?How are you
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
Brother of light truck Comments: I use wire ball brush cylinder
Logic Comments: Manual processing is OK,
BrianHarris commented: No problem at all, it was filtered in a few minutes.And the fish can eat algae. The small fish (2 cm) I caught in the river has been eating algae in the tank, and the brown algae and green algae are all eating.In addition to being unsightly, algae also have a certain effect of purifying water quality.
Zhou Pengweixin Comment: Use your hand
Beni Weixin Comments: by hand
Wandering qq comment: Scavenger
Good Spiritual Review: Scavenger, or buy a versatile one for sand
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