Ask the gods how to filter this plastic bucket

As shown, the size of the plastic bucket 1.2 meters*1.2 meters*1.2 meters, there is a sewer on the side, please ask all the way, how do I filter the koi?
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Zhang Yanyan Comment: You are looking for a tote box to do the filtering, it saves space, and it is also supported by plastic.
River carp Comments: You will lose interest in a few days!Because there is no fun!The master tank couldnt see the fish, so he had to catch his mouth.It looks like selling fish!
River carp Comments:
Dont you see the fish?
River carp Comments:
One ton of water is your tank.1000L
River upstream carp Comments: See if you have used this chemical tank.As a reminder, most of these tanks are used to hold corrosive liquids, please be careful.
Lightly comment:
This is the master cylinder.
Lightly comment:
The suspicion is placed on top of the bucket, and there is only one sedimentation tank next to it, which will settle the stool, and the water pump is placed in the sedimentation tank,
Pump water onto the drip above the main tank, (reduce the number of times to wash cotton).
Isnt there a bottom row under the main tank, if you connect the sedimentation tank from the bottom row, because you cant find a barrel as high as the main tank as a sedimentation tank,
So I plan to use a siphon connection to raise the bucket used as a sedimentation tank, so that siphon can be used?
River upstream carp Comment: Chemical tanks are used for filtration, want to know how big your pool is?Specific you write it out for reference.
River upstream carp Comments: You can only make a tank for this tank.How big is your pool?
yuanyuan12345 comment:
1. The principle of using a siphon is to not let the water diffuse into Jinshan. You should study and understand when you do it.
2. It is not a drip filter placed on the side of the fish tank. Even if it is a side filter, of course, the larger the space, the better.If you put it on one side, do you use 2 pumps?You have to send the filtered water back to the original tank.

Ask the gods how to filter this plastic bucket Rosewood (solid wood) Aquarium3. Choose a water pump with a flow rate of about 6000L/H, and choose an energy-saving frequency-conversion silent pump.Brands such as Dezhong, Gree Sheep, Jiebao, and Sensen can be used.

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