What kind of fish can he mix with?

Axolotl is inactive during the day, and the gill substrate spreads out at rest, moving slowly, and sometimes may take the epidermal air to exhale.Feeds on algae, but also aquatic invertebrates, arthropods, snails, small fish, tadpoles and young frogs.Poor vision, predation mainly depends on smell or lateral line.

  The blunt sander finds food with its sense of smell, will approach the food, and uses the vacuum power of the abdominal cavity to suck the food.Therefore, it is not possible to keep juvenile blunt sanders together with other animals, they will bite each other, even if they are of the same kind, but they can raise adult blunt sanders together, and the fish will bite their gills when they sleep., Causing inflammation.Do not have small pieces of gravel, they will be sucked into the stomach together with food (or simply treated as food), and stay and deposit.


  The larvae live in water all their lives and lay eggs.They have been reared for more than 100 years, and are mainly used as living organisms for endocrine experiments, so research on their rearing and reproduction has been almost completely established. Today, they can hardly be seen in the wild, only in some aquariums.

  1.Rouge fish (smooth sailing) completely polyculture successfully 2.Small Zhu Wenjin (Long Tail Koi) can be used as feed 3.Gold squirrel, but lack of water plants in the tank will bite the gill

  American blunt sander is a kind of fire lizard. This amphibian is Peter Pan of the animal kingdom.It is a well-known "larval maturity" species of amphibians (from birth to sexual maturity and spawning, all are in the form of larvae).It has been in the larval stage throughout its life, which explains why it has feathery gills and eyes without eyelids.In addition to this, it also has extraordinary regeneration capabilities.The limb and tail can be regenerated after being damaged.After a scorpion loses one leg, it will soon grow new. It can even regenerate very complicated body parts, including some brains and spinal cords, so scientists are very interested in it.The average life span is 10-15 years.

  American blunt axolotl (scientific name: Ambystoma mexicanum), commonly known as hexagonal dinosaur, is an amphibian, famous for its unique appearance and mature larvae.It is raised around the world as a pet (especially in North America and other places), with obvious intercostal grooves, lateral compression of the tail, wide head, small eyes, and difficulty moving.The newt has a slender and dark body, dark brown with black spots, short legs, and four toes on the forelimbs and five digits.Albino, white mutants and other color mutants are common in artificial breeding.The limbs and feet are very small, but the tail is quite long.


  Its better not to be polycultured with any fish, because when the sander is small, other fish will treat it as food, and after Zhang Da, it will eat anything that can move, it will not care what that is,As long as you move, you eat. Its just the characteristics of amphibians, and the hexagonal gills are very fragile. Other fish will eat the hexagonal gills, which is easy to be infected.But when you are hungry, you may still want to drop the legs of other hexagons, as long as you dont let them starve for a long time, after all, hexagons are more in line with the habits of other hexagons

What kind of fish can he mix with? GOLDEN AROWANA Food for Sianlon Fish Farm

  Adults of American blunt axolotl live in a humid environment and return to the stream to spawn only during the breeding period.Live in freshwater lakes.Due to environmental damage, it has been limited to canals and lagoons around the southern edge of Mexico City.The altitude of survival in the wild is 2290 meters.

  Mexican tundra are omnivores.The main food: algae, worms, insects or small fish and a small amount of feces of other fish.For feeding, you can feed a variety of easily found foods, including: dry rice, noodles, chicken, pig brain, chicken liver, and various fish meats. For convenience, you can also feed frozen or fresh bloodworms, earthworms, and wax insects.It is possible to feed cow hearts, but it should be noted that animal protein is not easily digested. Juvenile blunt sanders can be fed with Daphnia, shrimp or fish (cut into small pieces) until it grows up to eat larger food.


  Blunt sanders use olfaction to search for food, they will "adhere to the food and use the vacuum power in the stomach to suck the food."Therefore, it is not possible to raise juvenile blunt newts together with other animals. They will bite each other. Even if they are of the same kind, they can raise adult blunt newts together.Fish will bite their cheeks when they are sleeping, causing inflammation.

  Axolotl is an omnivorous animal.Main food: algae, worms, shellless insects or feces of small fish and small amounts of other fish.For feeding, you can feed a variety of easily found foods, including: chicken, freshwater fish meat, freshwater shrimp meat, for convenience, you can also feed frozen or fresh blood worms, earthworms, wax bugs.Or other high-protein, low-fat, hard-shell and sting-free foods, high-starch foods are fasted, and processed products such as ham sausage and cooked meat must not be fed.Juvenile blunt axolotl can be fed with daphnia, brine shrimp or other freshwater microalgae until it grows up to eat larger food.
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