Chinese medicine insecticide



Chinese medicine insecticide

Chinese medicine insecticide Aquaculture ForumWater pump off, Chinese medicine bath.
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
Peace! Yuyou said: Fish: Im so bitter
Waiting for h1jpl Yuyou said: Fish farming is not a foot bath
Dawning weixin0003 Yuyou said: Old Chinese medicine, great
Jie weixin021 Yuyou said: three yellow powder
Butterflies of Butterfly carp Yuyu said: chlorine dioxide?
niezhi Yuyou said: Same Chinese medicine
For Fei Fei, Yuyou said: What Chinese medicine is used?
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How do goldfish divide male and female,
How to distinguish between ingot and mother^
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Clownfish Hermaphrodite.
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    How long is the gold brand of Arowana feed?^