fishbowl Chaozhou Chen Lao Sao produced



fishbowl Chaozhou Chen Lao Sao produced

fishbowl Chaozhou Chen Lao Sao produced 24k Golden ArowanaToday buy a new green radish to [ciya], the results were OK is likely to help them on the left added a sucker [huaixiao] better watch
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Master Cheng Tai O fish lovers say: do not fight a ghost tail was?
Jun Feng brother aquarists say: more exchanges
Ly flying fish lovers say: Yes
Chaozhou Chen Lao Sao quality feel castrated
Laikasama fish friend: man, you can"t raise arowana in this tank. The lowest is 12 long and 5 wide
Keep the environment relatively stable. Once the arowana enters the tank, you must restrain your desire to change. The stability of the environment is very beneficial to stabilize the arowana"s mood and promote the arowana"s appetite
Jyg65 fish friend: don"t make big moves near the tank. It"s good to be familiar with the environment for a while
Just good fish friend: reply to oz3"s post
Jyg65 fish friend: it"s usually OK, but don"t feed too big loach, about 5-6cm,


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