How to choose 60 cylinder lights

Novice jumped the lake and bought a 60 super white.The accessories are all purchased, and there is a light. Some say that the star pool is good, and some are good for Jiyin, but each has its own shortcomings, and the ordinary blue and white lights are good.,
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Yujun Tongle Comment: Just buy a cool white light
Small depth of field Comments: Feel like Sanhu can get a light at will, especially the small tank
Its pure Lehe Comment: Xingchi is too blue, you can buy an LED light for 60 small cylinders at will
Destruction King-Ralph Comment: If this is the case, you can try Xingchi 20cm with brightness adjuster, it is a little expensive
Qianli 1234 Comment: Is it too easy for the fish to be white?Or buy a small wattage of miscellaneous brands?
Qianli 1234 Comment: The smallest 36 of Jiyin is too big. Is there any suitable recommendation?
cngogjivw Comment: Jiyin can make fish beautiful, but it is too bright.Xingchi has never been used.The leisurely living is also bright, with the advantages of diving, the cylinder can be transparent, and very comfortable.The three lakes do not have high requirements for reciprocity, cold white, blue and white can be
thineye Comment: Jiyin has a good light color, but it is too bright. The 36cm one is already very bright, and the 120 cylinder is enough.Your 60 cylinder is too bright with Jiyin
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