whats this? Will fish die



whats this? Will fish die

Worms seen on bro John seah tank. Advice please?? Big worms..
>bro, cant really see the worms clearly, but have they attached themselves to the fish? or are they swimming around?
>Are they planaria? Can see clearly..
>Should be no worries. Worms are normally harmless. Usually means too much feeding if Im not wrong. Resulting in extra nutrients in the water.
>When over fed my fish, I will see a lot of worms.
Stop feeding for few days and wash my filter wool, jap mat...
It will be gone few days later.
WC also can, the water in the video seem to be very dirty lei...
The filter cannot handle the tank bio load....
>Thank u. U think Parsi gold can clear them?
>Originally Posted by Terence_heng Thank u. U think Parsi gold can clear them? Aaaaa.... Bro ps... Cannot advise u on that.. I never use medicine for my tank...
Maybe u can try put tiger barb to clear the worm...
>bro terrence, seems like planaria.
No-planaria will help
>fish wont die.. also had some in my tank before. some will be in ohf too if you using ohf.. but like what bros mentioned, just change water, maybe skip one or two feedings and they naturally seem to die off... not to worry..
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