How to tell if arowana is talking



How to tell if arowana is talking

Causes of burning tail of guppy: The grass tank is not suitable for raising guppies, water quality sanitation, aquarium, polyculture and other factors. It should be improved in time.The grass tank is not suitable for raising guppies: Guppy burning tails are mostly caused by the over-acid water quality in the aquarium, they like slightly alkaline water quality, and generally control the pH value before pH7, 2~7,4Thats it.And most.

  There are a lot of 300 black shell shrimp in 60 grass tanks. Under normal circumstances, it is enough to put about 30 black shell shrimps in 60 grass tanks. After all, black shell shrimps consume a lot of oxygen.Black shell shrimp is a general term for hundreds of shrimps from various Atyoidae families in China, such as Neocaridinadenticulate, Caridinacurvifrons and Zhejiang rice shrimp (C.

  There are two types of dragon fish: innate and acquired. Based on different physiological structures, the occurrence rate of red dragons is much higher than that of golden dragons. So for red dragons, of course, it is also very practical to use on golden dragons.


  Lets talk about congenital. The so-called congenital is inheritance. Of course, the so-called Longsheng nine sons are of course the same as humans. Of course, hundreds of millions of years of genetic inheritance will certainly have many kinds of fish to talk about.The method of spot inspection is to measure the mouth of the dragon fish by hand. If you feel the teeth, it is regarded as a mouth. If Xiaolong 20-23 is recognized by the naked eye, no matter how to improve the uniformity of the food being fed, or the environment water bodyThe size is somewhat difficult to fully recover, at most it will be improved.

  The 40-cylinder can raise 3 to 5 mini parrots. When rearing the mini parrot, you need to master the space for its breeding to avoid excessive breeding density.A mini parrotfish is suitable for raising more than five, because if the number is too small, they are likely to fight.Moreover, when breeding, you need to put some flower pots and sea bream pots in the fish tank, so that curing can be carried out for about five months.

How to tell if arowana is talking Indonesian Red Arowana

  The most fashionable fish is salted fish, because salted fish is saltedfish in English, so it gives a more fashionable feeling. Salted fish refers to marinated fish.Salted fish are fish that are dried after being pickled in salt. In the past, because there was no low-temperature preservation technology, the fish was easy to rot, so fishermen all over the world have preserved fish in this way.In ancient China, salted fish was called abalone, and there were abalone.

  The guppy is pregnant and isolated. This may be because the guppy is not suitable for the surrounding environment. Pay attention to the problem of excessive isolation of the guppy.In the breeding process of guppies, the master must know how to judge the guppys pregnancy while knowing the guppies reproduction, otherwise the guppies may have died due to the failure of the signs.Next, look at some judgments of guppy pregnancy.

  The scavenger is resurrected when it encounters water because it has a strong ability to adapt to the environment, and it regains its spirit after encountering water.Scavengers are the common names of the multi-spoke wing catfish Pterygoplichthysmultiradiatus and the Hypostomusplecostomus of the catfish of the family Siluridae, and they are commonly known as the strong-waisted dragon, the strong-waisted fish, and the waisted treasure fish in some areas.The scavengers like to eat the remains of the aquarium.

  The situation of arowana is divided into congenital and acquired. Generally, it is because of the physiological structure. If you poke the mouth of the arowana by hand, if you can feel the teeth, it is the mouth.

  Scavengers will die after more than 24 hours of exposure to the sun. The scavengers ability to tolerate drought is very strong, pay more attention to the life habits of the scavenger.Scavengers are the common names of the multi-spoke wing catfish Pterygoplichthysmultiradiatus and the Hypostomusplecostomus of the catfish of the family Siluridae, and they are commonly known as the scorpion dragon, the scorpion fish, and the scorpionfish in some areas.

  The white rot of the guppy is caused by rotten tail disease. It is necessary to improve the water quality in time to avoid the symptoms of the guppy getting worse.The guppys fins are white and rotten. The first thing to notice is that this problem is usually caused by the sickness of the fish. At this time, the fish should be treated in time, and the health of the water must be ensured.The guppy at home still says something else.

  In fact, one fish can be raised. The number of fish is different, and the feng shui is also different. It is better to choose the right number for the type of fish and the situation of your numerology.1. It is good for goldfish to keep a few feng shui: why should we pay attention to the number of fish?Speaking of the relationship between the number of goldfish and feng shui, many people still dont take it for granted, thinking that the big thing about fish farming is to pay attention to the placement, this fish farming.

  Betta fish can be polycultured with many fish, such as swordfish, angelfish, tiger skin fish, manlong, etc. can be polycultured together, pay attention to the density of breeding when polyculture.1. Betta fish can be mixed with small light fish without tail-pecking habit or moonlight, Mary, swordfish and other fast-moving medakas, or with rodent fish that only forage at the bottom of the fish tank.Polyculture.2.Betta fish.
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