What should I do if the new fish I just bought from the aquarium shop is easy to die after being put



What should I do if the new fish I just bought from the aquarium shop is easy to die after being put in the fish tank?

Day 6~Day 7: Put 3-4 bags of large salt.Always put it, dont worry about it (correct the landlord here, the iodized salt sold in supermarkets is absolutely forbidden to be placed in the aquarium, because iodine will kill fish, this is not a joke, and it does not mean that people can eatFish can enjoy)

  PS: I was the same as the landlord when I first launched the water. There was nothing wrong with the fish. It was muddy water. I couldnt find the trouble. Then I added water clarifier (to be honest, this thing is really good!It wont take long for the water to cool down!!!), and later through the exchange between fish friends, I found that the beneficial bacteria in my tank were not cultivated well, which caused the growth of harmful bacteria.The sticky things like the landlord said are heavy metals contained in the water andHarmful substances can be cleaned up if they can be cleaned up.If the water quality is stable, it is not easy to start where there are dirty things, and it is not too much to leave it.Mainly dont let the fish eat it.There are several misunderstandings by the landlord. I need to remind you:

  1.First, take out everything in the tank and soak it with potassium permanganate for about 3 hours (the brush can be brushed, the bowl is soaked, and the ceramic ring is no exception).

  3.No matter whether it is a fish that breaks into the tank or a fish that you like later, you cant feed on the first day. Let them adapt to a period of time (at least 12 hours) to feed.

  4.Put 4~5 teaspoons of nitrifying bacteria (I dont know whether the landlord uses liquid or dry powder. Personally recommend dry powder, I feel that dry powder is better than liquid.), directly poured onto the filter material, because the dry powder nitrifying bacteria is not directly soluble in the water just after being put into the water, and there will be precipitates, which will be better on the filter material.

  There is one thing to remind the landlord before adding new fish, that is, put a bottle of penicillin (white powder, sold in the pharmacy) into the water, which is the kind of small glass bottle that is common when we usually give an injection.Dilute with water before pouring(In water) and two gentamicins (injections).The main purpose is sterilization and disinfection (if new fish is added in the future, it will also be halved into the water according to the original formula.The purpose is to prevent the new fish from carrying viral bacteria and infecting the original fish.This is something I learned from the fish merchant.Oh O(∩_∩)O~)

  4.I dont know if my worry is true, there should be a problem with the landlords water.Dont unpack the new fish when you buy it back, put the bag directly in the aquarium, the purpose is to make the water temperature in the aquarium consistent with the water temperature in the bag, generally placed for 15~30 minutes (generally fish merchants will oxygenate the bag,(Dont worry about the fishs lack of oxygen), then open the bag and pour the water in the aquarium into the bag. The amount poured is about a quarter of the original bags water.The purpose is to adapt the fish to the PH in the aquarium.Value, softness and other conditions, pour the same amount of water again at an interval of about 10 minutes.When the water in the aquarium is about 1:1 with the water in the original bag, you can put the fish.A very critical place!!!Just dont pour the water in the bag into the aquarium!!!Because the water quality of the place where the fish is purchased cannot be guaranteed (because the fish merchant changes the frequency of fish very quickly, no one can guarantee that his water has no problem at all, once the harmful bacteria or infectious diseases are brought in, it will be a cup!!!), fish out separately, and then put it in the aquarium, so that is OK~~

  Day 4: Usually the color has been completely restored in this period of time.If there is still a little turbidity, dont care.If there is still no improvement, it is still very mixed. Change the water properly, one quarter to one third.If you find something dirty under the water,

  Day 8: Starting to release fish, I am used to making small grass carp to make aquarium fish.The body length is about 8 cm.The red one is a bit like koi or goldfish.It is cheap and affordable.No feeding!!!(I think the landlord should know how to fish?(Its not OK to throw it directly into the water, if I dont understand and ask me, I wont fight too much)

  The landlord mentioned that there are 4 filter boxes, all of which are above the filter cotton and a ceramic ring underneath. I suggest to free up a filter box to put biochemical cotton, which can be bought at the fish market, both black and yellow, directly with the merchantSay you want biochemical cotton.After taking it back, put it in the first box (the first box touched by the water outlet, with the filter surface on the top and the biochemical cotton on the bottom).

  Day 9 ~ Day 10: Mainly observe the state of the fish. If the food cant be fed, dont feed it. If you cant bear to feed the fish feed, you must finish it within 3 minutes.

What should I do if the new fish I just bought from the aquarium shop is easy to die after being put Tiger fish

  5.Dry yeast and mommy love (available in the pharmacy) are boiled with warm water at about 26°C and poured into water (a spoon of dry yeast is the stainless steel spoon that we usually eat, mommy loves two tubes)

  Day 11~Day 15: At this stage, it depends on whether the fish is sick or something abnormal, such as falling scales.If the fish is normal during this period, there is no abnormality, OK!Congratulations on your success!You can clear the fish

  The second day: The water quality is not as turbid as it was at the beginning, and the light transmittance has increased, but the water is not very clear, dont worry, continue to wait (sometimes when the operation is done the next day, the water quality is very clear)

  1.The edible salt sold in the supermarket is absolutely not allowed to be placed in the aquarium in the past.The large-grain salt water equipment store I mentioned above is sold, 0.5~1 yuan per bag.

  6.At this time, you will find that the water becomes very turbid, the light transmittance is almost 0, dont worry, the filter is turned on for 24 hours, and the oxygen should also be turned on, because the nitrifying bacteria are aerobic bacteria, oxygen is very important, the light does not need to be turned onIn the early stage, the cultured bacteria do not need light, not to mention that nitrifying bacteria hate light.

  Day 5: Continue to filter, dont worry about it, if the color is still to restore the water, continue to change the water, until the water is clear (this method has not found the phenomenon of turbidity at present, usually the water is very clear on the third day)
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