tropical fish Compatibility taboos of commonly used drugs for ornamental fish



tropical fish Compatibility taboos of commonly used drugs for ornamental fish

With the deepening and development of the ornamental fish industry, the ornamental fish and fish medicine industry has also developed vigorously.Generally speaking, in the process of treating fish with medicine, everyone prefers to cooperate with medicine, which can greatly shorten the treatment time, and the faster the disease.However, you may not realize that the combined use of some drugs is likely to cause failure and even poison the fish, with very serious consequences.
1. Formalin is corrosive and toxic and can cause gill tissue inflammation.Reduce dissolved oxygen in water and easily decompose in light. It is not suitable to distinguish Yukang, Yuan, potassium permanganate, methyl blue and other oxidative drugs from bleach, chili red dragon and blood red dragon juvenile.
2. Quicklime, which is used now, has better medication effect on sunny days.It should not be mixed with bleaching powder, Yukang, Yuan, calcium, magnesium, heavy metal salts, organic complexes, etc.
3. Bleaching powder cannot be mixed with acids, formalin, quicklime, etc.
4. Potassium permanganate, prolonged use of this product can easily damage gill tissues, and the efficacy is affected by the content of organic matter and water temperature.With organic matter such as glycerin, alcohol, etc. will reduce the decolorization and failure, and ammonia and its preparation in the form of flocculent precipitation failure.Therefore, it should not be mixed with ammonia, iodine, alcohol, tannic acid, etc.Grinding with glycerin and medicinal oleic acid can cause an explosion.
5. Penicillin, with basic drugs such as ST injection, etc .; failure with acid drugs such as tetracycline; failure with oxidant iodine tincture, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide solution; and precipitation with heavy metal salts
6. Chloramphenicol, destroyed with strong alkali and strong acidic solutions; combined with penicillin, pioneer, kanamycin, and gentamicin may produce antagonistic effects; it has immunosuppressive effects and is prohibited during vaccine immunization.
7、土霉素 ,避光保存,tropical fish 和青霉素合用,抑制青霉素的杀菌作用;与中性及碱性溶液合用,分解失效;不与对肝脏有毒性的药物合用;Ca2+、

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A13+、卤素、碳酸氢Sodium, gel, etc. can affect the absorption of this product.
8. Chloramphenicol, precipitation with compound iodine solution fails.
9. Tetracycline, precipitation failure with alkaloid reagents; cannot be used together with chlorine-containing disinfectants; decomposition failure with volatile oil and fatty oil.
10. Roxithromycin should not be compatible with ergotamine or diergotamine.
11. Gentamicin, the antibacterial effect is greatly affected by PH, and the antibacterial effect is enhanced in an alkaline environment; it is not compatible with amphotericin B, heparin sodium, or o-penicillin.
12. Kanamycin is more toxic and must be used with caution; it is not suitable to be compatible with alkaline drugs, so as not to enhance the toxic effect.
13. Sinorfloxacin, shared with chloramphenicol and furans will reduce the drug effect.
14. Haloperic acid should be avoided to be taken in combination with antacids such as aluminum hydroxide and magnesium trisilicate; it has antagonistic effect with chloramphenicol, rifampicin and furan drugs, so it is not suitable for combination use.
15. Ciprofloxacin should not be used in combination with aminophylline, doxorubicin and nitrofurantoin; antacids inhibit the absorption of this product and avoid taking it at the same time.
16. Trichlorfon can not be used in combination with alkaline drugs; the solution will fail to decompose after long-term placement; it will be used together with atropine phosphorus poison to antagonize the failure.
17. Furan pass, can not be compatible with the tea acid, antacid tea barbiturate.
18. Sulfonamides, precipitate with acidic liquid; precipitate with alkaloid liquid

Compatibility taboos of commonly used drugs for ornamental fish
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