Qianhu ptc usage report



Qianhu ptc usage report

I use a double ptc heating rod, an old fisherman 1200w holy shield, and a thousand lake 1000wptc.It is a pity that the current Qianhu Lake does not support wifi. What we can test at the moment is simple temperature measurement. As for the current temperature measurement, I have sent a picture. Please take a look.I am not an authoritative player and dare not talk blindly.In general, workmanship is better than old fisherman.Product engineering design is average.Although there is a gimmick rear-pull hanging cylinder, it is not as good as the paste.continue to use.A separate leakage test will be conducted with an electric pen later.

  ======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====

  BEE said: After reaching the set temperature, will it immediately drop down and start heating immediately?About a few degrees of electricity a day, below how many degrees to start full heating?This is how I use Laoyu now. Its too much electricity. I dont know how to change the PTC of Qianhu?

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Qianhu ptc usage report Green Pepper Red Dragon

  Wu Nian 668 says:

  Love Red Dragon love said: Which is better?I want to buy a heating rod recently.I dont know which one is better, I want to buy a stable, safe and leak-free.

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