What should I pay attention to after buying a second-hand filter fish tank?



What should I pay attention to after buying a second-hand filter fish tank?

The following is for reference 1- buy second-hand fish tank, the first and most important thing is to see if the fish tank glass glue is loose.It is best to ask the seller to fill the fish tank with water, and the fish tank is most afraid of water leakage.It is best to know how long the fish tank is used, which is related to the service life of the fish tank.Because the fish tank glass glue will begin to deteriorate after 5 years of use, there is a risk of degumming and leakage. 2- Check the fish tank glass for scratches or cracks.Scratches will affect the aesthetics of the fish tank, and cracks will risk the explosion of the tank. 3- The attached fish tank electrical equipment is plugged in to test whether it can be used normally.
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