Mermaid with one eyebrow How to deal with squid disease and correct drug



Mermaid with one eyebrow How to deal with squid disease and correct drug

During the process of raising fish, the disease must face the problem, when the disease is coming, is it a drug?Is it health?The two chooses one, it is the most difficult decision of many raising people!


These experience is the money and heart change, not to see two essences can learn.How to determine what is the disease?This problem, in addition to oneself, no one knows!


The judgment of the disease is especially important. You judge is wrong. The fish is dead. When the rainbow fish does not eat, it is difficult to pay more attention to the disease, and the Dark Emperor is most obvious,


How do you judge that he is urgent?When the rainbow fish began to fall, he refused to eat, always travel to the corner, or when the light is relatively weak, when breathing is urgently, you can initially judge it!


What can I do?Isolation or calorie care, what is static?Let the fish rest, turn off the light, less look, dont scare, let the fish rest, let yourself rest!


What is the water quality?Try to avoid fluctuations, such as pH, temperature, etc., slow water, water quality fluctuations will not be large, to surpass with shrimp or traffic lights, good entry!



Mermaid with one eyebrow How to deal with squid disease and correct drug Albino Koala ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet






What we have to do is trying to make the fish are not sick, how do you do not get sick?Word illiterate: diligence!Watching, diligent water, wash cotton, fertilized, do this four, the probability of fish is very low, but can really do people, how many?


A reasonable design pool is essential, and the fish tank can of course also raise, but often maintenance, often discharge the filtrated feces.Pay attention to the density of breeding, 0.7 tons of water, a fish, dont greed.


Start you can raise a lot, but when you have a digestive system crash, huh, you will cry, dont just increase the fish, bring too much pressure on the filter, you have Yutin, I also have, fish tanks.


If you dont have this kind of persistence, then I advise you not to raise the rain, raise the dragonfish, good nourishment.The actual experience is to grow slowly, slowly accumulate.Dont look at a few essence, think that you are a high-end people, let alone a few pictures or a few words, it is really someone to help you solve your fish disease.


Be careful, you will really know how to deal with fish, no one can know more about your fish than you, you are the best doctor, but you have to graduate.


Old players who raise the fish, who did not die?This is not terrible, terrible is that the fish is dead, and the experience is not absorbed.Another old player, it is inevitable that when we are in trouble, we have to be calm, not to find it.


The newcomer is best not to touch, plum, tiger, and black emperor.Simply said that the longer of the tail is, the higher the difficulty!




Mermaid with one eyebrow How to deal with squid disease and correct drug Albino Koala ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet






First of all, I personally do not recommend the next medicine. Sometimes I am not sick, I would rather conservative treatment, even if the fish is dead, I dont have medicine.Spa and static care have a close relationship, referred to as[healing].


Fish does not eat, we must first do it, check the indicators of water quality, such as the normal range, you must see if the filter is too old, the use of the filter material, I think it is not more than 18 months, filterMaterial is too new nor a good thing.


If there is no problem, then you have to look, is there anyone or a fish scared it? Is there a fish in the same tank?Is the density of breeding too large?Or eat too cold or not fresh food?


If the problem is, it is excluded, then it is necessary to get from the water source, the first water treatment problem?Replacement pipeline nearby?Too many frequencies in the water change?Or too little?Temperature changes too much when changing water?


If these are not, then other unknown diseases, can not get the medicine, because I dont know what medicine, I am wrong, speed up the time!


In this case, we must use the[hearing method]to close the lamp, let the fish rest, let people rest, because it is too tired.I dont have more introduced!


One word: heart.Rest assured, happy, normal heart, bad mentality, will make yourself wrong!I cant get torture, and choose the medicine!!



Mermaid with one eyebrow How to deal with squid disease and correct drug Albino Koala ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The3sheet


[Next medicine]




You have to treat enteritis, first to understand enteritis, fish do not eat, dont move, dont move, just the medicine is the most stupid practice!


[Enteritis]?How to cause it?


Bacterial enteritis: Bacterial fish disease caused by gas monosta, the butt stock is swollen, the anal, because there is no food in the intestine, the bullion is pulled out of the blood or direct blood.


Cut the diseasefish, the intestines are full of blood, and the intestines are purple, which is enteritis.Fish friends, dont mess with the mediocroic doctor, it is hard to raise the fish, and the result is dead.


How to treat enteritis?What medicine is it?How much is it?


Eybeetae is a very good medicine, belonging to tetracycline, but not the most effective medicine, enteritis, bacterial disease, renewal is good, but it is difficult to buy in the mainland.Helpless ~~~


Start the next medicine, what should I do?Like the fish, the same amount of illness is not necessarily the same, such as a childs cold, the medicine to eat is half the adult, or less, then fish?[This misunderstanding is often crusited, I want to help people, but I only understand the fish friends who have copied, often you have harm others]


The fish is also the same, the same water body, but the body disk of the fish is small, the amount of the lower is low, but also the state of the fish, the state is too bad, and the lower 70% is twice.


How much big amount is so much?I am sharing with my experience, not necessarily accurate, dont be a legend, for reference only.


Dark Emperor 15 vane, oxytetracycline 200 liters of water, 15-20 vanes, 50 liters of water, 20-35 body disks, and 25 liters of water from 35-50 vanes.It is also necessary to follow the fish in the state of the fish, after half, after half, observe the fish is abnormal, no abnormalities after 6 hours, put the remaining.Three days of medicine continuous, then change the water 30-50, pay attention to the temperature.


The treatment process, you can feed a small amount, a small amount is good, dont scare it when you eat, if you are scared, you will trouble.The fish will not be able to open again, what is the direct opening?It is a fast speed, not biting, so you can start a small amount of water.


Minimum for 5-6 days, change half of water every day, this is a consolidation period, continue to feed a small amount, the food should choose clean shrimp, go to the intestine, wash, now shrimp too much drug residue.


This is not easy to relapse, pay attention to cleaning white cotton, clear the drug, let the fish recover slowly, this is the drug and spa cooperation![Black and white fish, the amount of the lower can be 30%]



Mermaid with one eyebrow How to deal with squid disease and correct drug Albino Koala ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The4sheet


[Delivery]also called the inner insect




Generally speaking, in addition to the fish is only a drop and not eat, it is white.Rosa is not enteritis but is caused by six whip caterpillar in the body. If it dragged long and transparent, it is deep than normal fish, and the transparent is the intestinal mucosa.It is easy to concurrent two types of diseases:


1.It is in vitro insect insects, such as sputum disease, breathing, and white dots and mucosal hyperplasia, 2.It is enteritis, concrete manifestation, and it has been mentioned above.


I am used to it, I am used to it, one is cheaper, I am not worried about buying fake medicine, big white vacation is too much, I just bought a fake, huh, hunger, Chinese peopleThe fake is too powerful!


It is clear as indicated that it is ok, I feel that the drugs medicine is very gentle, the effect is also good!



Mermaid with one eyebrow How to deal with squid disease and correct drug Albino Koala ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The5sheet

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