One red and one golden

One red and one golden Arowana Farm
Just changed the water.The water is a little mixed.In the red and gold mixed breeding, fighting occasionally.Jinlong is always at a disadvantage, with a long tail scattered, but there is no big fight, hope to grow up healthily.Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
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Fortune-teller at the foot of the mountain Yuyu said: "How big is the tank, is it a male and a female?"
chili red arowana prices and pictures
What is the background color of the Golden Arowana aquarium?
Arowana aquarium background picture black\
What is the background for raising red arowana:
Red dragon aquarium background pictures=
What kind of background does the arowana use,
36 wide aquarium for arowana;


Is tis normal for male ray?

Sharing my bd under belly big spot

Young Nice High Quality 6.5 Sianlon Blu

P14 Galaxy stingray male pup

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