Low-level error children cant put water in the water



Low-level error children cant put water in the water

Low-level error children cant put water in the water Mermaid with one eyebrow

   The water quality fluctuated too much, there was no water operation, and the dragon left for more than 4 years.Friends think its a sign![kelian][kelian][daku]========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  dragon fish cures fakes, sinking head loses big swim bladder, I cant sleep for a while
Shuo ___ Yuyou said: ask how to deal with the problem of Shenmu yellow water
Maxima 2669 Yuyou said: a pity
A Donghai Dragon Palace Yuyou said: Learn from it!
Crab boss, Yuyou said: Come on
Meditation and meditation Yuyou said: If the temperature difference is not large but the fish can be put in the water, it may be fine.But if the temperature difference is too large, it is easy to directly kill the fish.
Arowana raw fish video#
There are small fish in the mouth of the golden dragon fish^
Where can I grab an arowana)
In what situation does the arowana lay eggs$
How do Arowana breed offspring$
Why do arowana vomit eggs from mouth%


Sharing my one year old Citra SB Red

Sting ray on freshwater aquarium supplie

30 Aug 2010 - Goldfish Com

Will you rent an Arowana Fish?

Happy Holidays 2011!!!


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    How many bread bugs a silver arowana feeds a day!

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    How much is a bag of duck feed like this(